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Samus Aran
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Samus.png
Universe Metroid
Stock icon SSF Samus stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Tier B (16)

Samus is a playable veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash and the only character representation of the Metroid universe. Samus uses a variety of beams in her attacks. Mega Man X uses a similar way of attacking though calling him even a semi-clone of Samus may be erroneous. Her sprites are ripped straight from Metroid Fusion.

Samus is ranked 16th on the tier list. Samus has the longest non-projectile range in the game with her machine gun attacks. These attacks also double as Samus' instant-KO moves, giving her some of the best KO options in the game. She has good close range options, as her Morph Ball has the smallest hitbox out of all the rolling moves and her Screw Attack allows her to deal damage when jumping.

However, Samus' machine gun attacks erroneously increase her hurtboxes to ridiculous sizes, allowing enemies to hurt her by attacking the beam instead. All three of these attacks also have a long cooldown time shared between them, preventing her from using half of her moveset until it expires. In addition, her Charge Shot attack is overall lackluster and has a slow firing rate. Her mobility is only average at best as she can be difficult to control when turning since her sprite is not centered properly.

Samus' pros only slightly overshadow her cons, making her just barely miss the higher mid tier.


Attack Description Damage Image
Standard attack Samus fires with her arm cannon a fast-travelling Charge Shot, able to damage multiple opponents at once. Though Samus does not recoil from the shot, she visually curls and spins around once every time she fires. 4% SSF Samus standard attack.png
Side attack Samus rapidly fires multiple shots in a similar way to a machine gun. Oddly for attacks in SSF, this attack notably has a bit of ending lag, leaving Samus unable to perform any other attack (except for jumping) and rendering her vulnerable. Presumably left over from when Samus was a normal enemy, this is not based on any attack she is known to have. Notorious for the projectile having a hurtbox of its own. 7% SSF Samus side attack.png
Up attack Identical to her side attack, Samus rapidly fires at an upward angle. It also possess a bit of ending lag. 6% SSF Samus up attack.png
Down attack Samus enters her Morph Ball, turning into a ball and rolling forward a fixed distance, striking opponents on her path. The Bomb set sound effect is audible but she otherwise never places one. 8% SSF Samus down attack.png
Down aerial Identical to her side attack, Samus rapidly fires at an downward angle. It also possess a bit of ending lag. 6% SSF Samus down aerial.png
Jump attack Samus has an additional attack by jumping: she uses the Screw Attack, somersaulting in the air, surrounded in a greenish electric field. 4% SSF Samus jump attack.png


  • Samus is one of the only two playable characters in the original Super Smash Flash Demo, the other being Blade. It is likely that she was programmed over other unknown data left over from when SSF was intended to be a platform game, as she is scaled down to match Blade's height and is referred to in the debug indicators as "Enemy". She also had a significantly faster rate of fire in the demo, which was toned down in the final release of the game to be less overpowered.
  • Samus's sprites are not of Samus at all, but of the SA-X, a clone of her that appears in Metroid Fusion which was born from removed pieces of her armor infected by the lethal, intelligent X Parasite.