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Sam in Munchies: How to Buy a Car.
First appearance Munchies: How to Buy a Car
MG appearance(s) Munchies: How to Buy a Car
Species Munchy
Gender Male
Voiced by Gregory McLeod
Company McLeodGaming

Sam is the main character from Gregory McLeod's flash cartoon, Munchies: How to Buy a Car. He is a 16-year-old Munchy with a few strands of hair on the top of his head.

In Munchies: How to Buy a Car

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Sam driving a car in Munchies: How to Buy a Car.

In the cartoon, Sam is introduced at the beginning by the narrator as Joe (which Sam immediately corrects, as he does multiple times throughout the cartoon). He is interested in buying a car since he is now old enough to drive and is unaware of all the caveats that come with purchasing one. The narrator teaches him about the basic things to expect with this, surprising and confusing him often and leaving him more skeptical to buying a car.

Near the end, Sam's neighbor attempts to sell him his car for $50. Sam asks him to show the car's interior, but it turns out to be that it was not a car, but just a photo, leaving Sam mad. Afterwards, Sam falls asleep due to how boring he has found the narrator, waking up to make sure the narrator is finished.