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Sakuro in Animus: Prologue.
First appearance Animus: Prologue (2005)
MG appearance(s) Animus
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Created by Gregory McLeod
Company McLeodGaming

Sakuro, also known as Animus, is the main protagonist character of Gregory McLeod's Flash animation, Animus. He is a young man with white hair, a gray shirt and black pants, and he also wields a sword.

In Animus

Sakuro is first introduced in the series' prologue as the son of a gentle being named Mother Nature who watches over humanity. He was born after Mother Nature realized she could not stay physically on Earth and was given to a kind family to be raised under. The family raised him according to her instruction: to raise him strong, as he will have to fight the ultimate evil of Earth, Lucifer. He grew up to be strong, kind, and intelligent, and once old enough, he set off to protect the human race from this evil. He went on to spend centuries searching and fighting for Lucifer's location, until finally he arrives in present-day New York, where he seems to be planning something.

Outside of this, Sakuro is only seen again in the trailer of the prologue, where he leaps off of a tall building an into an alleyway to fight a Demon Infest. The Infest tries to attack him, but Sakuro kills him with a sword and a punch.