Inhale Kirby cide.

Kirby using Inhale on Black Mage to perform a Kirbycide; the most well known Sacrificial KO move.

A Sacrificial KO (also called a Kamikaze or a Suicidal KO) is a maneuver in the main Super Smash Bros. games and in Super Smash Flash 2 where one character KOs both him or herself and the opponent with a single move. In most cases, this involves grabbing the opponent and dragging them downwards to the bottom blast line, though self-damaging attacks can also prove effective. Most sacrificial KO's result in the user self-destructing.

Sacrificial KOs are useful if the user has a high percentage and the opponent has a low percentage; as the user is likely to be KO'd soon anyway, taking down a comparatively fresh opponent at the same time can even out the match. If the user has a lead in stocks, sacrificial KOs accelerate the match and can even score victories if the victim only has one stock remaining. In the same way, low-damage or trailing players should avoid using sacrificial KOs, as this simply brings them closer to losing. If both players have only one stock remaining, then the user can win, lose, or enter Sudden Death, depending on the exact characteristics of the individual technique.

Sacrificial KOs are impossible to perform in Super Smash Flash due to characters being unable to grab and throw.

Grab-based sacrificial KOs

Character Execution Last-stock behaviour
All characters By grabbing an opponent while standing on a piece of terrain that's falling, if the grab is not broken, both characters will be KO'd once the platform reaches the blast line. Stages where this can happen include Sky Sanctuary Zone. Sudden Death always occurs.
Bandana Dee Much like with Kirby, Bandana Dee's forward throw can be used next to a ledge. Always loses.
Bowser "Bowsercide" is executed with Flying Slam, with Bowser grabbing the opponent and diving off the side of the stage. Varies.
Donkey Kong Executed with Donkey Kong's forward throw, by carrying himself and his victim off the stage. This is typically not used as a straight sacrificial KO as the opponent can break free and leave Donkey Kong's poor vertical recovery to failure. Always loses.
Kirby Kirbycide is the most famous form of sacrificial KO, and it can be executed in multiple ways with Kirby. One way is with Inhale, in which he can suck an opponent in and carry them off the stage with him. Wins every time.
He can also use his forward throw, up throw and back throw to carry his opponent off the stage if used near a ledge. Always wins.
Will lose.
He can use Final Cutter when both players are in the air. Always wins.
He can use Chomp as well by copying it from Wario (see below). Like in the Inhale method, opponents can break free, by mashing buttons. Always loses.
Meta Knight Executed by using Meta Knight's up throw over a moving platform, when Meta Knight and his opponent are over the ledge and when above a ceiling (ex. the tunnel players go through in Sand Ocean). Wins, always.
Wario Occurs when Wario uses Chomp while falling, taking his opponent down with him. As mentioned previously, the opponent can break free of that. Always loses.

Other sacrificial KOs

Character Execution Last-stock behaviour
All characters The usage of self-damaging explosive items such as Motion-Sensor Bombs, Bob-ombs, Gooey Bombs, and other explosives in close ranges can lead to a sacrificial KO, though such instances are often unintentional. Depends on who suffered more knockback. Sudden Death if both are KO'd at the same time.
Ichigo If Ichigo uses Gazan offstage and hits an opponent with the meteor smash hitbox, both characters will plummet to the bottom blast line. Usually loses, but may cause Sudden Death or even allow the player to win if he is low enough when he hits the opponent or if either character has high enough damage.
Sandbag Much like with explosive items, if Sandbag uses Bob-omb Toss near an opponent, both characters will take heavy knockback and often fly to the side or upper blast lines. Depends on who suffered more knockback. Sudden Death if both are KO'd at the same time.


  • Originally, Meta Knight could move left or right when using his up throw which made him able to perform a sacrificial KO with his up throw more easily. However, he is unable to move left or right while using the throw after a subsequent patch. This was done to nerf Meta Knight due to him already being considered good.
  • In v0.9a of the SSF2 Demo, performing Kirby or Meta Knight's sacrificial KO methods would sometimes end up crashing the game.
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