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This article is about Ryu's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For general information about the character, see Ryu.
in Super Smash Flash 2
Ryu PA (temporary)
Street Fighter symbol
Ryu's official pixel art.
Universe Street Fighter
Stock icon SSF2 Ryu head
Availability Unlockable
Weight class Medium-heavy

Ryu is a playable veteran unlockable character in Super Smash Flash 2. He was revealed during the Day 2 livestream at Super Smash Con 2019. His moveset and voiceclips are taken from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Street Fighter IV. His sprite design are based on his appearances in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Ryu is expected to be available in the future release of SSF2 demo Beta 1.2.


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Ground attacks

Attack State Name Description Damage
Standard attack Weak N/A A jab, followed by a short straight-punch, followed by a hook. Tapping the button without Ryu hitting anything makes him repeat the first hit as fast as the player can tap. 3%
Strong A spinning hook kick. Despite being categorized as a neutral attack, it has deceptively high knockback. 10%
Forward tilt Weak The tsumasaki geri, a kick used in Karate. It launches opponents diagonally upward. 7%
Strong Collarbone Breaker
An overhand punch. Despite its appearance, it hits twice much like the original version. Deals very high shield damage, but its start-up makes it difficult to use on quick opponents. 11%
Up tilt Weak N/A The sok ngat, an uppercut-style elbow strike used in Muay Thai. It can be used repeatedly as fast as the player can press the attack button, which allows it to chain into itself and lead into many of Ryu's moves for a quick finisher. Despite its appearance, it has decent range. 2%
Strong An uppercut. Strong for its speed and grants his upper body intangibility from frames 4-10, making it a surprisingly effective anti-air attack and KO move. 12%
Down tilt Weak Light Ankle Kick A crouching, Hapkido-style shin kick. It can be repeated as fast as the player can press, similar to his other tapped tilts. 5%
Strong Heavy Ankle Kick A lunging, Hapkido-style shin kick. It can be repeated, though not as quickly as his tapped down tilt. 7%
Forward smash N/A Jōdan Sokutō Geri
A lunging side kick. Moves him slightly forward and has the highest range of all his standard attacks, as it is able to hit opponents two character lengths away from him. However, it has noticeable ending lag. 16-19%
Up smash N/A Squats and then rises up to throw an uppercut. Makes his hurtbox smaller while attacking, making this a good anti-air attack. Slight ending lag and does not have much horizontal range. 18%
Down smash A legsweep. Launches opponents at a diagonal angle and unlike most down smashes, it only hits in one direction. Has the fastest start-up of all of his smash attacks, with more range than his up smash but less than his forward smash, making it also his safest smash attack at a distance. 17%
Dash attack A flying kick. Possesses high base knockback for a dash attack and it can reliably combo into many of his tapped attacks as a finisher. 13%

Aerial attacks

Attack Name Description Damage
Neutral aerial N/A A downward angled knee strike. Its limited range is compensated by its sex kick properties and very low ending lag. 16%
Forward aerial Tobigeri A flying kick. Ryu's foot has high launching power, while his upper leg has a sourspot and deals less damage. Despite this, the sourspot deals high shield damage. 16%
Back aerial Senpūkyaku
An outside crescent kick. Though it has a small hitbox, its strength and fast start-up make it Ryu's most powerful aerial and a viable KOing option. KOs at 115%. 14%
Up aerial Sukui Tsuki An uppercut. Despite its appearance, it hits twice, has good vertical range, and is reliable at catching opponents above Ryu. 12%
Down aerial Straight Punch A downward, fast angled cross. Hitting an airborne opponent with the attack's sweetspot will meteor smash the opponent, while hitting an airborne opponent with the sourspot launches the opponent diagonally upward with high knockback. 16%

Grab and throws

Attack Name Description Damage
Grab N/A Reaches out. Ryu's overall grab range is short. It is based on his grab animation in Street Fighter III. N/A
Pummel A knee strike while holding the opponent in the collar-and-elbow position. A fairly fast pummel. Based on Ken's Tsukami Hizageri (つかみ膝蹴り) from the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero games. 1%
Forward throw The seoi nage, a Judo throw. 9%
Back throw Somersault Drop The tomoe nage, a Judo throw. 13%
Up throw Heel Drop A stretch kick transitioned into an axe kick. It can combo into an aerial attack at low percents. While the axe kick cannot hit the thrown opponent, it can nevertheless hit another opponent that is too close to Ryu. Unlike the stretch kick, the axe kick deals much more damage and has high knockback. 9%
Down throw N/A Pins the opponent to the ground and performs a knifehand strike. 9%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Kicks in front, then behind him. 6%
Ledge attack Lows kicks forward. 8%

Special moves

Special move State Name Description Damage
Standard special move Weak Hadōken Ryu launches a ki fireball from his hands. Inputting the move changes its properties. 7%
Strong 2%
Side special move Weak Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku Ryu glides forward with a spin kick. The move only hits once with respectable power, and it can be used once in midair for horizontal recovery. Inputting the move increases damage and knockback. 8%
Strong 10%
Up special move Weak Shoryūken Ryu performs a rising uppercut. It grants Ryu intangibility on the first few frames of startup, but it incurs heavy landing lag if it is whiffed. Inputting the move increases damage and knockback. 13-14%
Strong 16%
Down special move N/A Focus Attack Ryu concentrates and throws a paralyzing punch. The paralysis is lengthened depending on the charge. 12%
Final Smash TBA


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Falls to the ground and throws his bag aside.
Taunts Standard Adjusts his glove while saying "Get serious!"
Side Puts out one of his fists, saying "Talk is cheap."
Down/Up Stomps on the ground and grunts.
Idle poses TBA
Victory theme A remix of the theme that plays at the start of a match in Street Fighter II.
Victory pose Crosses his arms and says, "I can't let myself get in the way of what I must do", and closes his eyes as wind blows onto him.



SSF2 Ryu Costumes (temporal)




  • Steven had showed some of Ryu's sprites on his DeviantArt page years ago. The animation was removed weeks after, however.
  • His trailer which included Goku and Lucario was a reference to their fighting origins. Goku, like Ryu, is a martial artist while Lucario is a "fighting" type Pokemon who can learn fighting type attacks and various martial arts.
    • In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod, Project M, Lucario received some of Ryu's moves in the Street Fighter games for its moveset, like the Shoryuken for its up smash, and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku for its neutral aerial.
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