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Ryu Ken infobox.png
Dragon Ball symbol.svg
Super Saiyan Goku using the Ryūken.
Universe Dragon Ball
User(s) Super Saiyan Goku
Effect Super Saiyan Goku creates a dragon-shaped projectile that damages opponents in its path.

Ryūken (龍拳), also known as Super Dragon Fist in English media, was Super Saiyan Goku's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Super Saiyan Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan 3 form and then releases a long, golden dragon-shaped projectile from his fists. Once formed, the projectile travels straight forward and travels a very far distance before disappearing. Opponents hit by the head of the projectile are dealt 2% damage with weak knockback, while opponents hit by its body are dealt 10% damage with much stronger knockback.

There is no limit to how many projectiles can be on the stage at once, allowing Super Saiyan Goku to use the move consecutively with no risk. The projectile can also be caught in certain walls after being fully formed, leaving a lingering hitbox that can be used to attack opponents.


Super Dragon Fist first appearing in the film, Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon.

In the Dragon Ball franchise, the Ryūken is a very powerful attack and one of the only techniques that Goku came up with completely by himself. He begins the attack by making a straight fist faced at his enemy, and charges at them. Then, once his fist, along with his own body, passes through the body the target, the energy is amplified massively compared to Goku's normal power and his ki "explodes" out in the form of an enormous golden dragon.




  • Prior to v0.8b of the SSF2 Demo, the player could not attack until after the projectile had left the stage boundaries.
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