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SSF Rules

Rules screen in Super Smash Flash.

SSF2 Rules

Rules screen in Super Smash Flash 2.

The Rules screen is a sub-menu in the Super Smash Flash series that allows the player to select or condition a Group or Online match before it is played. It is present in both Super Smash Flash and Super Smash Flash 2, each of which has its own unique set of rules.


This is a list of the rules in both games accompanied by their effects. Rules that are only named for one game are exclusive to that game.

Rule Description
Time Time Limit Sets a time limit on a match. Once the time runs out, the player or team with most points wins. The time limit can be set from 1:00 (1 minute) to 99:00 (99 minutes).
Stock Sets an amount of lives for each player. The last team or player standing wins. The stock range is from 1 to 99. If a time limit is also activated, the rules for both Time and Stock apply.
Damage Ratio Launch Rate Sets the amount of knockback players inflict on each other. Can be set from x0.5-x2.0.
Respawn % Starting Damage / HP Sets how much damage or health points each player starts the match and revives with.
Display Player # Player Tag Display Sets whether to display labels above player without a name.
Items Item Frequency Sets how frequently items appear on the stage. In SSF2, this rule appears within the Items Switch.
N/A Team Attack Sets whether teammates in Team Battle are able to attack each other.
Stage Hazards Sets whether stage hazards appear on a stage. Also appears on the stage selection screen.
Stamina Sets whether to use health points instead of damage percentages.
Items Switch Allows the player to customize which items appear in a match. There is also an "All" switch which allows the player to turn all items on or off at once.
Random Stage Switch Allows the player to choose which set of stages will have a chance to appear when selecting Random on the stage selection screen.


Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash 2

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