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This article is about the defensive maneuver. For other uses, see Roll.

Mario rolling on Waiting Room.

Rolling, also called dodging, is a maneuver in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash 2 that moves the character left or right and renders them invincible for a short period of time. It is performed by pressing the control stick left or right while holding a shield button. Rolling was not possible in Super Smash Flash, as shielding also was not.

Characters gain invincibility frames when they roll which makes it a safe option. Currently the majority of characters have the same amount of frames that the roll lasts. However, the speed of the rolls vary from character to character. The animation of the roll vary for each character also. Some characters will just roll, some will perform acrobatics and others have rolls that pay homage to their home series. Samus will curl up into her morph ball, Yoshi will encase himself in his egg, Ichigo will perform Shunpō, and Naruto will perform the Substituition Jutsu (変わり身の術).

Characters when rolling will always end up facing the opposite direction they rolled into. That is, characters that roll backwards will remain facing the same way, while characters that roll forwards will turn around. This allows rolling through a character to then execute attacks with more ease, but can disrupt them when trying to dodge projectiles and approach the opponent at the same time. Interestingly, a character cannot roll off the stage if a player performs this move near an edge; the character will instead perform the remainder of the rolling animation in a stationary location right next to the ledge.

Rolling Character Data

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Character Speed Decel Delay
Bandana Dee 20 2.14 Unknown
Black Mage 14 0.76 Unknown
Bomberman 15 1.3 Unknown
Bowser 16 0.85 Unknown
Captain Falcon 16 1.35 Unknown
Chibi-Robo 17 1.5 Unknown
Donkey Kong 15.5 1 Unknown
Falco 16 1.3 Unknown
Fox 16 1.3 Unknown
Goku 16 1.5 9
Ichigo 14 1 Unknown
Isaac 13.5 0.75 Unknown
Jigglypuff 15 0.09 Unknown
Kirby 15 1.07 Unknown
Link 15 1.39 Unknown
Lloyd 14 0.97 Unknown
Luffy 15 1.03 Unknown
Luigi 12 0.5 Unknown
Mario 15 1.03 Unknown
Marth 15 1.04 Unknown
Mega Man 15 1.01 Unknown
Meta Knight 20 2.4 Unknown
Mr. Game & Watch 16 1.3 Unknown
Naruto 16 1.41 Unknown
Ness 16 1.18 Unknown
PAC-MAN 15 0.95 Unknown
Peach 15 0.85 Unknown
Pichu Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pikachu 15 1.19 Unknown
Pit 13 0.75 Unknown
Samus 13 0.9 Unknown
Sandbag Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sheik 16 1.3 Unknown
Sonic 16 1.52 Unknown
Sora 16 1.09 Unknown
Tails 15 1.2 Unknown
Wario 15 0.89 Unknown
Yoshi Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zelda 14 0.89 Unknown
Zero Suit Samus 11.5 0.55 Unknown
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