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Ring Grapple
Castlevania symbol
Simon using Ring Grapple.
Universe Castlevania
User(s) SSF2 Simon head
Effect A ring-shaped grapple appears and Simon uses it to swing himself upwards.

Ring Grapple is Simon's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, a floating ring-shaped grapple appears in midair in front of Simon, who latches onto it with his whip and swings from it. He will let go after swinging to the other side, gaining horizontal and vertical distance. While swinging, the move can be cancelled with an aerial attack or midair jump, and opponents in the way of Simon as he swings will take weak damage and knockback.

This distance provides by this move makes it very useful for recovering. The move can also be used as a tether recovery if the whip makes contact with a ledge. Additionally, if Simon lands on a platform while swinging, he will quickly slide across it. If he hits a wall while swinging, he will bounce off and be able to do the move again.


Ring Grapple Origin

Simon hanging from a ring grapple in Super Castlevania IV.

Ring grapples appear exclusively in Super Castlevania IV as elements in certain levels. When Simon whips one with his whip, it then latches onto the grapple. Simon can then hang and swing from it freely until letting go, jumping with enough momentum. These grapples can be used to surpass certain obstacles, but Simon is also left vulnerable to enemies while latched onto one, as he can be knocked off when hit and must rely on sub-weapons to attack with.

Simon's special moves
Standard special move Axe
Side special move Cross
Up special move Ring Grapple
Down special move Holy Water
Final Smash TBA
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