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Rhythm Doctor
First appearance Rhythm Doctor (2012, web demo; 2021, public beta)
MG appearance(s) Fraymakers
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Company 7th Beat Games

Rhythm Doctor is the titular protagonist of the rhythm game Rhythm Doctor. He appears as an Assist character in Fraymakers.

Character description

Rhythm Doctor is a man whose only visible trait to the player is his sleeved arm and hand. He is an intern at the National Health Service who works from his computer and heals patients by defibrillating their hearts in sync with their heartbeats, typically every seventh beat. Each patient he works with has a unique illness based on complex music theory, which often has affects his rhythm and pushes him to master his timing.

In Fraymakers

Rhythm Doctor's cut-in.

Rhythm Doctor is one of the Assist characters in Fraymakers. When called upon, his hand and a button appear over the opponent's head, and seven beats are played. On the seventh beat, Rhythm Doctor presses the button, knocking the opponent downward if not dodged.