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This is a gallery containing images of revival platforms in Super Smash Flash 2.


Personalized platforms

No.svg This article contains information pertaining to unused content.

The subject was never implemented or was removed, cut or altered at some point of its development, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Before the release of v0.9a of the SSF2 Demo, all characters in Super Smash Flash 2 had a different individualized revival platform that, most of the time, had something to do with the universe character originates from. Due to irregularities, such as the different frame sizes or that platforms came with an indicative of how long a character could stand on it, this feature was scrapped. The following table compiles how the platforms looked for each character and what each was intended to represent:

Character Picture Description
Mario Revival platform - Mario.png The revival platform from Mario Bros.. As with the arcade game, the platform began to lose segments to indicate how long Mario could stand on it.
Peach Revival platform - Peach.png The goal gate from Super Princess Peach. The colored berries on the sides indicated how long Peach could stay on her platform, each turning white once the time started to run out.
Yoshi Revival platform - Yoshi.png Seven Yoshi eggs lined up. The eggs would eventually start to fade out to indicate how long Yoshi could stand on them.
Wario Revival platform - Wario.png Four pink switch ! blocks from Wario Land 4. If the time ran out, it would be visually apparent how the solid blocks turned into outlined blocks at the same time it dropped Wario.
Donkey Kong Revival platform - Donkey Kong.png Four plates writting together "KONG". Those plates are obtainable items in Donkey Kong Country and its sequel.
Link Revival platform - Link.png A platform manifested from Link's Triforce of Courage. If Link stood for a long time, it would be visually apparent how the Triforce goes back to Link's hand before dropping him.
Captain Falcon Revival platform - Captain Falcon.png A F-Zero countdown timer. The number count goes down from 3 to 1, to indicate how long Captain Falcon could stand on it.
Pikachu Revival platform - Pikachu.png A stadium-like platform with an inner light. This would become the regular basis for all the revival platforms in version 0.9a of the demo.
Kirby Revival platform - Kirby.png The launch platform from the jumping mini-game that occurs after clearing a regular stage in Kirby's Adventure.
Fox Revival platform - Fox.png A miniature Arwing. It originally had a unique animation by flying by, letting Fox fall on it. Once Fox dropped off of the Arwing, it would fly away.
Ness Revival platform - Ness.png The Bubble Monkey, a married monkey that helps Jeff fight in battle with standard attacks.
Sonic Revival platform - Sonic.png All seven Chaos Emeralds lined up. Each Emerald would begin to turn white to indicate how long Sonic could stand on it.
Tails Revival platform - Tails.png The Tornado plane.
Mega Man Revival platform - Mega Man.png The Rush Jet. Similarly to the mini-Arwing, Rush would fly away once Mega Man dropped out from him.
Lloyd Revival platform - Lloyd.png A platform made with magitechnology, the result of using mana to power technology.
Black Mage Revival platform - Black Mage.png A platform carried by two angels — beings that, in the FINAL FANTASY franchise, grant protection against dying — with the words "Life 2" written on it.
Sora Revival platform - Sora.png A miniature version of the Gummi Ship, the main method of transportation between worlds in the series.
Goku Revival platform - Goku.png All seven Dragon Balls — magic spheres that, when together, can make wishes come true — lined up. When first implemented, Goku stood on them, instead of sitting. After a while, the Dragon Balls would flash and disappear, dropping a shocked Goku.
Naruto Revival platform - Naruto.png A large scroll with Naruto's first name in Japanese written on it.
Ichigo Revival platform - Ichigo.png Ichigo's Reiryoku; his spiritual power. It is said in the Bleach franchise that all beings have a certain amount of that.