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Mario on a revival platform.

A revival platform is the mean whom a character is brought back to the stage once they have been KO'd in Super Smash Flash 2 and, as such, is a feature absent from Super Smash Flash. All revival platforms look similar, usually a circular platform with a white tinge to it and with different sizes regarding the character. Often it would be lit-up. Once a character comes back on the battlefield, the character will be immune to any attack for a few seconds. Also, the color of the platform changes, matching the main color of the palette.


The revival platform, as seen in Mario Bros..

The revival platform originates from the game Mario Bros.. When Mario or Luigi lose a life, the plumber re-spawns on a small platform, accompanied by a short melody. While on the platform, the plumber is invincible. The melody that plays when Mario or Luigi re-spawns is not included in the Super Smash Bros. games or Super Smash Flash games.


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  • Before demo v0.9a, all characters had a different individualized platform that often has something to do with the universe that the character comes from. For example, Mario stood on the revival platform from Mario Bros., while Goku stood on the seven Dragon Balls lined-up. This was scrapped due to irregularities.
    • Pikachu's personal revival platform ended up being the regular platform for all characters following the release of v0.9a.