Revenge Cart
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Bomberman uses Revenge Cart.
Universe Bomberman
User(s) Bomberman (Super Smash Flash 2)
Type Basic
Effect Bomberman hops on the Bad Bomber and drops countless amounts of bombs toward the stage.

Revenge Cart, previously referred to as Revenge (リベンジ), is Bomberman's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When triggered, Bomberman stands on a Skull Bomb with a skull stamped on it, then gets launched into the air as it explodes, and returns onto the stage aboard the Bad Bomber (みそボン), a hovering aircraft Bomberman can move left or right while it continuously drops countless amounts of bombs onto the stage, dealing damage to any opponent who is struck by them for the entire duration of the Final Smash.


Official Super Bomberman 3 artwork explaining Revenge mode.

Revenge, along with the Bad Bomber itself, is an option first introduced in Super Bomberman 3 in Battle Game mode. When enabled, Revenge allows eliminated players to appear at the edges of the map riding the Bad Bomber and continue to participate in the game by throwing bombs into the arena. In some subsequent games and under the "Super" option, if any eliminated player defeats someone still on the map then they would take their spot.

In SSF2, Bomberman initiates this move by hopping on a Skull Bomb (that first appeared in Bomberman Quest) that catapults him to the upper part of the stage in reference of being defeated in the Bomberman games; he may also move left or right while on the Bad Bomber. Unlike in official games, Bomberman automatically drops the bombs and also drops several of them, whereas in the original games he can only throw one at a time.



Early designs

Bomberman's special moves
Standard special move Bomb
Side special move Bomb Kick
Up special move Jetpack
Down special move Bomb Detonate
Final Smash Revenge Cart
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