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The results screen is a feature in the Super Smash Flash series that provides the game's statistics and information regarding to the previous battle that took place.

In Super Smash Flash

Regular Match

The results screen for Classic mode in SSF.

In Super Smash Flash, a results screen appears at the end of every match in Classic, Adventure and All-Star and overlays the background of the stage. This screen is a simplified departure from the results screen used in Super Smash Bros. Melee, as it displays the name of the character followed by a listing which includes the number of point units earned for KO'ing the opponents in the match (which decreases by one point if the player loses a life), the remaining lives, the number of KOs and the points earned for each KO, the number of falls, self-destructs and the bonuses earned throughout the course of the match. During a Target Test level, the screen displays the number of targets destroyed and the points earned from them.


The results screen from Melee mode.

In addition to modes in Regular Match, a results screen also appears at the end of every match in Melee mode, displaying the same statuses (points, KO's, falls, etc.) but with an arrangement to fit other players' statistics. Unlike the results screen in Regular Match, this results screen overlays the main menu background and displays each fighter, as well as text at the top declaring who the winner is.

In Super Smash Flash 2


The results screen from Group mode.

In Super Smash Flash 2, a results screen appears at the end of every Group match. It first displays the sky before panning down to reveal the winning fighter or team, as the winners celebrate with a victory pose and a victory theme. After this, a miniature screen will be displayed on each of up to four corners, one for each fighter, showing the winners in their boxes with the same pose. The losers are shown in their own boxes, usually clapping for the winners. Below the fighters, the boxes evaluate the following aspects of their performances:

  • Score – Number of KOs minus number of Falls and SDs.
  • KOs – Number of KOs they made on other players.
  • Falls – Number of times they were KO'd by other players.
  • SDs – Number of self-destructs the player commits.
  • Pitch – Maximum amount of knockback (in units) dealt by the player.
  • Speed – Maximum amount of knockback (in units) the player received.
  • Drought – Longest amount of time (in seconds) the player spent without attacking.
  • %GV – Damage given to other players.
  • %TK – Damage taken from other players.


The results screen for Classic mode in SSF2.

A results screen also appears at the end of every match in Classic and All-Star. This screen normally overlays the gameplay and displays the bonuses throughout the match and the score earned from them, as well as the total score earned. The results screen after the final match also displays the player fighter's trophy as Fireworks explode in the background.


Super Smash Flash 2

Early designs




The results screen background from Brawl.

  • Right after being introduced in demo v0.7 and up to v0.9a, the results screen music and the background were ripped straight from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.