For the move shared by the Star Fox characters, see Reflector.
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Obertiers reflect

Pit using Guardian Orbitars to reflect Mega Man's Mega Buster.

Reflection is a mechanic in Super Smash Flash 2 that allows a particular move to reflect an incoming projectile. The projectile then becomes the property of the reflector's user and is often redirected at the original attacker. It is possible for a single projectile to be reflected multiple times, like going back and forth between two characters' reflectors.

Reflection was not possible in Super Smash Flash, as the game lacked any mechanics corresponding to it.

List of moves with reflecting abilities

Character Move(s) Notes
All characters Perfect shielding N/A
Black Mage Stop N/A
Bomberman Bomb Kick Projectiles can only be reflected with this move when used in the air.
Chibi-Robo Pick Up Projectiles picked up with this move are reflected only once they are released.
Falco Reflector N/A
Fox Reflector N/A
Kirby Inhale Using Inhale, Kirby can copy Nayru's Love, or Stop.
Mario Cape N/A
Ness Forward smash N/A
Peach Forward smash N/A
Pit Upperdash Arm N/A
Guardian Orbitars
Waluigi Forward smash N/A
Zelda Nayru's Love N/A


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