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The distance comparisons of Fox's Fire Fox and Falco's Fire Bird.
Mario using Mario Tornado and Super Jump Punch to recover on Waiting Room.
Comparison between Fox's and Falco's up specials (left), and Mario using multiple options to get back to the stage (right).

Recovering refers to the act of reaching back the stage after falling off or being knocked off. In the original Super Smash Flash, due to limited game controls, characters rely mostly on jumping to recover, though some can make use their side attacks to propel themselves back towards the stage. The reboot Super Smash Flash 2 expanded the recovering options with a variety of ways, including the use of special moves, as is traditional in the Super Smash Bros. series. Some characters now also have tether recoveries, which allow them to cling to an edge with the use of their weapons. These recoveries are most commonly triggered by pressing the grab button in midair when a ledge is within reach. Most methods of recovery will leave the character helpless after execution, although some, such as Sonic's Spring Jump, will not trigger helplessness.

A more advanced technique of recovering, in team battles which have team damage enabled, is where players will purposefully attack their teammates who cannot return to the stage due to helplessness, allowing them to use their moves once more.

Unorthodox recovering methods in Super Smash Flash 2

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The great majority of playable characters in Super Smash Flash 2 can recover by using their up special move, which usually propels them diagonally upwards. A considerable amount of characters can, additionally, use their side special moves in order to recover horizontally.

Some characters can use, alongside their up and side special moves, other special moves in order to recover. For example, Luigi can utilize Luigi Cyclone, his down special move, and Meta Knight can utilize his neutral special move, Mach Tornado.

However, some characters' up special moves do not propel their user upwards at all, forcing those characters to find alternative methods of recovering. Below is a list of characters with unorthodox recovery methods.


Jigglypuff's up special move, Sing, does not aid Jigglypuff's recovery in any shape or form. Its primary method of recovery is its five midair jumps, as well as its side special move, Pound, which can be used midair continuously, or after each midair jump, to provide Jigglypuff with a very small amount of horizontal and vertical distance while conserving the height gained by her jumps.


Luffy using his midair jump and Gum-Gum Snap to grab the ledge, on Meta Crystal.

Luffy's up special move, Gum-Gum Snap cannot hit opponents nor directly make Luffy travel upwards. It will, however, multiply Luffy's vertical speed if he is already moving upwards quickly enough. Therefore, it can be used right after his midair jump. Even then, however, its vertical gain is not great, and it is not Luffy's main method of recovering.

Luffy's primary method of recovery is his down special move, Gum-Gum Balloon, which will provide Luffy with heavy armor as well as make him rise considerably the first time it gets used. On its second use, however, it does not make Luffy rise as much, making him end the move at around the same place he started it. Using it more than twice will make Luffy actually fall quite quickly. Gum-Gum Balloon does not leave Luffy helpless, allowing him to use his midair jump and up special move right afterwards.

Lastly, while Gum-Gum Rocket and Gum-Gum Pistol do not directly help Luffy's recovery, both attacks can be used as tether recoveries, and the former will make Luffy travel slightly forwards, as well as recover his midair jump on contact with an opponent.


While Sandbag's up special move, Bob-omb Toss does provide Sandbag with a vertical recovery, it does not achieve that in the traditional way; instead, similarly to a bomb recovery, the bomb harms Sandbag, sending him upwards. The move inflicts self-damage and goes higher the more damage Sandbag has accumulated, potentially causing Sandbag to be stage spiked or KO'd from the upper blast line. If Sandbag is holding an item (that is not a Bob-omb) or is invincible, the bomb will either not be thrown, or will fail to hit Sandbag, making him helpless.

Due to Bob-omb Toss' high risk, Sanddash, Sandbag's down special move is his primary method of recovering. It can greatly help Sandbag with both vertical and horizontal recovery, and, during movement, can be cancelled into any other attack, including Bob-omb Toss. Sanddash can only be used once midair, but, due to Bob-omb Toss directly hurting Sandbag, the two special moves can be used alternately.

Sandbag's side special move, Sandgrab, can be used to recover horizontally if Sandbag is close enough to the stage. It can be used repeatedly for moderate horizontal recovery and can move even further if it successfully grabs an opponent.

Despite how far each of these moves can go, Sandbag's recovery is massively held back by the fact that he cannot grab ledges and often must rely on moves that could easily cost him a stock.

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus using Plasma Wire's enormous handbox to grab the ledge from incredibly far away.
Zero Suit Samus using Plasma Wire's enormous handbox to grab the ledge from incredibly far away.
Zero Suit Samus using Plasma Wire's enormous handbox to grab the ledge from incredibly far away.

Similarly to Luffy's up special move, Zero Suit Samus' Plasma Wire does not directly make her travel upwards, but will greatly multiply her vertical speed if she is rising quickly enough. Due to Zero Suit Samus' higher midair jumping distance, and higher speed multiplier, Plasma Wire goes much farther than Gum-Gum Snap, and is Zero Suit Samus' primary recovery method.

Plasma Wire, as well as Plasma Whip, her side special move, can both be used to latch onto a ledge. The attacks' ledge grabbing range is incredible and extends much farther than what the visuals show.

Despite Zero Suit Samus' great up special move, she can also use Flip Jump, her down special move in order to recover horizontally slightly if she is close enough to the stage's platforms. The attack possesses a high amount of landing lag, however.