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The Melee Records menu.

Records, referred to in-game as Melee Records, is a section in Data that contains numerous game statistics of Super Smash Flash, including information about characters (such as total KOs and the total time that they were used) or overall game information (such as the number of time SSF has been opened and the play time itself).

In Super Smash Flash

VS. Records showing statistics for Blade.

VS. Records

VS. Records hosts all the information and statistics for each of the 28 playable characters (with a new row becoming available when a character gets unlocked). The game counts participation in solo and group modes. It includes the following statistics:

Record Description
KOs Number of KOs the character has made.
Falls Number of falls the character has suffered.
SDs Number of self destructs the character has suffered.
Peak Damage Percentage of damage received on one single match.
Damage Given Percentage of damage dealt to opponents.
Damage Taken Pecentage of damage received by opponents.
Damage Recovered Percentage of damage recovered.
Matches Number of matches played.
Victories Number of wins by the character.
Play Time Total of time the character has been used.
Play % Percentage the character has been used.

Misc. Records

Misc. Records hosts the overall statistics of the whole game. It includes the following statistics:

Record Description
Power Count Number of times SSF has been opened.
Power Time Accumulative time SSF has been on, including menus and other screens.
Play Time Time spent on actual gameplay.
Single Player Time Time spent on single-player modes.
VS Player Time Time spent on Melee mode.
Time Match Total Time of time matches played.
Stock Match Total Time of stock matches played.
V.S. Play Contestants Number of human players in multiplayer matches.
Match Resets Number of times the player has quit a match earlier.
Available Characters Number of characters the player has (max. 28).
Available Maps Number of stages the player has (max. 8)
Game Complete Percentage the game has been completed.


  • There are no records in Super Smash Flash 2 as of now. The description for Data reads "Manage saved game data and records." and the description for Special Smash reads "Battle with special rules! These don't affect records.", but there are no such records to be found.