Pichu and Goku experiencing recoil damage.

Recoil damage, also known as self-damage, is damage in Super Smash Flash 2 taken by a character when it uses an attack under certain circumstances. Recoil damage is constant regardless of any other factors; it is not affected by stale-move negation and it occurs even if the user is invincible or intangible. Being damaged by one's own explosive generally does not count as recoil damage, as it does not directly deal damage to the character. Recoil damage does not cause knockback or flinching to the user.

Moves that deal recoil damage

Character Move(s) Amount
Goku Kaiō-ken 1%
Kirby Can copy Pichu's Electro Ball 3%
Mr. Game & Watch Judge #1 12%
Pichu Forward smash 4.5%
Forward aerial 3%
Down aerial 2%
Electro Ball 3%
Agility 1%
Skull Bash 1%


Thunder 12%
Pummel 0.5%
Forward throw 5%
Side taunt 10%

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