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Random Encounter
Random Encounter
Black Mage using Random Encounter.
User(s) SSF2 Black Mage head
Type Stage-wide
Effect Black Mage summons several monsters on-stage that attack opponents and then creates a huge explosion called "Flare".

Random Encounter (ランダムエンカウント), previously referred to as Random Battle, is Black Mage's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.



The FINAL FANTASY enemies on Shadow Moses Island.

When performed, the screen flashes several times and Black Mage dashes off-screen. He then summons several monsters all over the stage, including Goblins, Bombs, and Wolves. These monsters cannot be defeated, but they can be attacked, and making contact with one deals 6% damage with weak knockback. Black Mage then reappears in the foreground, along with a move selection screen beneath him. Black Mage ponders for a moment and then selects Flare, unleashing a massive explosion across the screen that also defeats the monsters. It is very powerful, dealing 38% damage and massive knockback. It can one-hit KO under many circumstances; however, unlike most Final Smashes, it can be dodged. After unleashing the move, Black Mage reappears where he initially used it.


A random encounter is a randomly occurring battle in a role-playing game that happens while traveling in the overworld. This kind of battle is traditionally used throughout the FINAL FANTASY games, and the four enemies used in SSF2 are all common encounters that were first introduced in the original FINAL FANTASY (except Bombs, which are introduced in FINAL FANTASY II). In addition to this, the Final Smash also references the series' turn-based battle system, in which each turn, the player's party members are chosen one at a time to perform a single action from their available options in a large selection screen, such as Fight, Magic, or Items. The selection screen in SSF2 is based on its FINAL FANTASY I & II: Dawn of Souls incarnation.

The move selected in the Final Smash is Flare, a recurring spell in the FINAL FANTASY games usable by the Black Mage. Originating in first game in the series, it inflicts a large amount of damage to all enemies at once. It is considered an "Ultimate" spell, often being one of the most powerful spells in each game it appears in.



Black Mage's special moves
Standard special move Stop
Side special move Haste
Up special move Warp
Down special move Meteor
Final Smash Random Encounter
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