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Ramsey Kaid
Jimmy ramsey max.png
Ramsey Kaid (center) alongside James Hadden (left) and Max Silverman (right).
Full name Ramsey Kaid
Alias Geno, Dr. Geno
Join date January 27, 2009
Gender Male
Rank SSF2 developer, Fraymakers developer
Main role Character development
Birth date June 6th
Location USA

Ramsey Kaid, also known by the alias Dr. Geno or simply Geno, is a Super Smash Flash 2 developer and Team Fray member known for his work in spriting and graphical effects.


Ramsey Kaid has been a member of the McLeodGaming community since 2009. Starting that year, he served as an administrator of the McLeodGaming Forums, which he would continue to serve up to the website's closure, and he would later become a moderator for the McLeodGaming Discord server.

Work with Super Smash Flash 2

Ramsey Kaid joined the development team for Super Smash Flash 2 in 2009. His work ranges across several different categories, most notably his work with character, stage, and item sprites. He is also one of the lead effect artists and a programmer for several characters. Previously, the menu and damage meter designs were partially developed by him, and he helped create the opening movies for the game.

In addition to working on the game itself, Kaid has written updates for the fifth Smash Flash DOJO!!!, though it is now defunct.

Work with Fraymakers

Following his experience developing SSF2, Ramsey Kaid became part of Team Fray, the core team developing Fraymakers. He is the lead artist and animator for the game and one of two on Team Fray, alongside Mass. Kaid creates all of the initial drawings to be used in animations and stages, and he makes many of the final sprites as well. He also assists in moveset design.

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