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Purple Torpedo
SSF2 Purple Torpedo.png
Mario symbol.svg
Waluigi using Purple Torpedo.
Universe Mario
User(s) Waluigi (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Waluigi rockets forward headfirst, homing in on nearly opponents.

Purple Torpedo is Waluigi's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Waluigi launches himself forward headfirst into the air while spinning like a torpedo, similarly to Luigi's Green Missile. He flies through the air for a short time after launching, and opponents in his way as he flies are dealt flame damage. Unlike Green Missile, however, Waluigi will home in on opponents in front of him as he flies, and he will fly straight forward when there are none. He can also charge the move, entering a crouched position and surrounding himself with purple particles as he does. The move normally gets more powerful and flies further the longer it charges, dealing 9% damage with weak knockback at its weakest and 15% damage with stronger knockback at its strongest. The strongest charge, also referred to as a "misfire", occurs when Waluigi fires exactly at the fifth ring that appears when charging the move and it surrounds Waluigi with a purple flame aura when launching. If Waluigi hits a wall when using a misfire, he will get his nose stuck in the wall for a few seconds. However, if the move is charged beyond this point then it will revert to its weakest charge when released.

The distance this move covers, along with the fact that it does not leave Waluigi helpless when released, makes it useful for horizontal recovery. However, it also can only be used once before landing and it has considerable ending and landing lag, making it easier to punish. Additionally, it can be used for vertical recovery when homing onto an opponent above Waluigi, but conversely, homing onto an opponent below Waluigi can make it harder for him to recover.


Luigi using Green Missile in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Purple Torpedo is a move original to SSF2 that is based on Luigi's Green Missile attack, which originates from the Super Smash Bros. series starting with Super Smash Bros. Melee. According to developers, Waluigi stole the technique from Luigi and modified it to home in on opponents, referencing Waluigi's design as Luigi's evil rival and the fact that he often cheats to "get his way".[1]




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