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Tails psuedo wavedashing

Tails performing a pseudo wavedash.

Pseudo wavedashing is a technique in Super Smash Flash 2 that allows the character to slide a short distance on the ground. It gets its name from wavedashing, a technique from Super Smash Bros. Melee that is performed by air dodging diagonally into the ground, also causing the character to slide on the ground. The "pseudo" part on the name refers to the fact that the player does not need to air dodge in order to perform this move but by other means. It is not possible to perform this technique in the original Super Smash Flash.

Characters who can pseudo wavedash

  • Tails: Tails has multiple options to pseudo wavedash. The most common and also the easiest method is to start charging a Spin Dash mid-air. First you initiate a Spin Dash charge in the air and anytime after landng you let go of the special button and press the jump button. The jump button input has to be performed in two frames or less after releasing the special button. The longer the Spin Dash has been charged before, the further Tails slides. During the pseudo wavedash (which has been named Tailsdash by the community) Tails is able to reverse his momentum by dashing in the opposite direction, and performing an up throw while the momentum of the pseudo wavedash is still in affect will result in a huge amount of distance being covered, potentially resulting in a sacrificial KO if done near the ledge.
  • Black Mage: He has to short hop a forward aerial close to the ground, which will result in a little slide across the ground. Due to his traction; it is a short, but fast wavedash that can help with his poor mobility and can help with follow ups.
  • Yoshi: He can do a pseudo wavedash move called by the Smash community the "Dragonic Reverse". This can be done by canceling the double jump animation with an attack close to the ground. He was able to perform this in Brawl as well and has to be frame perfect. Yoshi can also perform a pseudo wavedash if uses Egg Toss when he is about to land on the ground.
Ichigo's pseudo wavedash

Ichigo performing a pseudo wavedash, on Waiting Room.

  • Ichigo: He can perform a pseudo wavedash similar to how Black Mage performs his. When using a forward aerial close to the ground, the attack will be cancelled and Ichigo will slide across the floor a good distance.
  • Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff can perform a pseudo wavedash by charging up its Rollout in the air and release the move just before it hits the ground.
  • Naruto: Naruto can perform his pseudo wavedash by short hopping and using down air.
  • Sonic: Sonic can perform a pseudo wavedash by charging up Spin Dash and going off a platform while initiating his neutral aerial. However, activating neutral aerial close to the ground will halt the momentum. Easiest to perform on Sky Sanctuary Zone.
  • Sora: Sora can perform a pseudo wavedash by short-hopping and then using a Flowmotion angled towards the ground. This technnique is commonly referred to as a Flowdash.
  • Goku: Goku can perform a pseudo wavedash by short hopping and using down air. This technique not only gives a safe mobility option for Goku, but also allows to start combos when the enemy is at low percentages.


  • The reason Tails is able to perform his pseudo-wavedash is because when he jumps out of Spin Dash; he is considered in the air the same frame you press the special button, but the code that lets him let go of Spin Dash forward is not removed for a couple of frames. In short, Tails is jumping, then Spin Dashing into the ground and landing really fast.
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