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Tails performing a pseudo wavedash by using his Spin Dash.

Pseudo wavedashing is a technique in Super Smash Flash 2 that allows a character to slide a short distance across the ground while in a landing/idling state. It gets its name from wavedashing, a technique from Super Smash Bros. Melee that is performed by air dodging diagonally into the ground, causing the character to slide on the ground. The "pseudo" part on the name refers to the fact that the player has to use other methods in order to slide. Characters can pseudo wavedash by using a move that boosts them forward, then landing during said boost before the move's hitbox comes out.

Characters who can pseudo wavedash

Below is a list of characters who can pseudo wavedash. If a character's notes column does not specify how to perform the pseudo wavedash, it is done simply by landing at the right time.

Character Move Notes
Black Mage Forward aerial Unlike other pseudo wavedashes, Black Mage's slide distance is calculated with a formula.
Ichigo N/A
Lucario Extreme Speed Using the move's aerial version right above the ledge and dashing to the stage's direction can result in a pseudo wavedash.
Naruto Down aerial Naruto's pseudo wavedash does not take into account his current horizontal speed; he will always slide a set short distance.
Sandbag Sanddash Inputting left or right midair will cause Sandbag to move horizontally. Doing so near the ground can cause Sandbag to pseudo wavedash.
Simon Ring Grapple N/A
Sora Flowmotion Can pseudo wavedash by angling the move towards the ground. Commonly referred to as a Flowdash.
Tails Back aerial Can only pseudo wavedash once it starts propelling Tails forwards.
Spin Dash Commonly referred to as a Tailsdash. Performed by charging the move midair and then, after landing, releasing the Spin Dash and pressing the jump input. The jump input must be performed within two frames after releasing the Spin Dash.