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Propeller Shy Guy
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Propeller Shy Guy in Super Smash Flash 2.
Stage(s) it appears Yoshi's Island (64)
Yoshi's Story

Propeller Shy Guys, also known as Flying Shy Guys, are a common enemy from Yoshi's Story.

Character description

Propeller Shy Guys are a variant of Shy Guys that fly via a helicopter-like pack which they carry on their backs. This pack consists of a two-blade propeller (on top of the pack) which spins on a horizontal axis and an eight-blade propeller (at the back of the pack) which spins on a vertical axis. These propellers are powered by the Propeller Shy Guys themselves, who continuously pedal with their feet to remain airborne, although the pedals are not visible.

In Yoshi's Story, Propeller Shy Guys appear as enemies that fly above Yoshi and carry fruit. Each Propeller Shy Guy will continue to fly back and forth in a particular area, but when Yoshi eats the fruit from its hands, it will immediately fly off-screen. Propeller Shy Guys may appear alone, or in a swarm; after appearing they disappear off of the screen, reappearing in the background, and then in the foreground again. They normally can be defeated by Yoshi like any other Shy Guy, with the exception of the elite Black Shy Guy, who has its own special characteristics.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Propeller Shy Guys appear as a stage hazard in Super Smash Flash 2 on two stages: Yoshi's Island (64) and Yoshi's Story. They fly towards the stage, each holding a single piece of Food, and they will drop the Food if attacked. They can generally be defeated with a strong attack, causing them to be sent flying, though some weaker attacks will instead make them change direction.


Yoshi's Island (64)

Early designs