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The principal in School.
First appearance School (2005)
MG appearance(s) School
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Created by Gregory McLeod
Voiced by Gregory McLeod's father
Company McLeodGaming

The principal is a minor character of Gregory McLeod's School flash animation as part of the Halloween 2005 special. He is tall and old with white hair on the back of his head, and he also wears a green shirt and glasses. He is the principal of Regal Valley High School and the first character to be introduced.

In School

At the beginning of the cartoon, the principal informs the students that their regular teacher, Ms. Sunnyfeld, has passed away from an accident yesterday. However, the principal then informs them that they already have a new replacement teacher for the remainder of the year: a tall, creepy and mysterious man dressed in black and wearing sunglasses named Mr. Hackensaw. The principal then leaves the classroom, never to be seen again in the cartoon, and Mr. Hackensaw comes to the classroom.


  • In the credits, the principal is misspelled as "the principle".