Power Pellet
Power Pellet
PAC-MAN symbol
PAC-MAN using Power Pellet.
Universe PAC-MAN
User(s) SSF2 PAC-MAN head
Effect PAC-MAN creates a line of PAC-Dots and Power Pellets he follows in his wedge form, damaging opponents on the way.

Power Pellet (パワーペレット) is PAC-MAN 's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, PAC-MAN holds his hand out and creates a path of PAC-Dots led by a Power Pellet. The chain becomes longer the longer the special input is held, and once released or after the maximum distance of five pellets is reached, PAC-MAN transforms into his wedge form and starts following the path, eating the pellets. The direction of the path can be influenced while it is being made by using directional inputs, allowing PAC-MAN to travel in curves or upwards. If there are opponents in his path, they will take 2% damage and weak knockback for every hit they receive in the path. After eating the Power Pellet, PAC-MAN will grow slightly bigger and move slightly faster for a moment, dealing 11% damage and decent knockback to opponents hit.

The move is decent as both a horizontal and a vertical recovery, as PAC-MAN travels a relatively far distance after using it. However, he jumps into a state similar to helplessness after using it, as he cannot do anything afterwards unless he bumps into a wall during the move or saves and uses his midair jumping in mid-air. Except jumping, all other cases lead to lag.


Power Pellet Origin

PAC-MAN after eating a Power Pellet in PAC-MAN.

Pellets are one of the staples of the PAC-MAN franchise, especially the original arcade game. In this game, the main goal was for PAC-MAN to eat all the pellets in the maze, each of which always follows in a perfect line in one of four cardinal directions. While the tiny PAC-Dots make up most of the pellets in the maze, there are also large blinking Power Pellets that appear on the corners of the stage. When consumed, PAC-MAN becomes invincible and able to eat the four ghosts for a short duration of time. This translates to SSF2 in how PAC-MAN follows the line of pellets and then becomes much more powerful after eating the Power Pellet.



PAC-MAN's special moves
Standard special move Bonus Fruit
Side special move Power Pellet
Up special move Pac-Jump
Down special move Fire Hydrant
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