Poké Ball
SSF2 Poké Ball
Pokémon symbol
Poké Ball in Super Smash Flash 2.
Universe Pokémon
Appearance Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Helping
In-game description Releases a Pokémon to fight alongside you.

The Poké Ball (モンスターボール) is an item in Super Smash Flash 2 coming from the Pokémon franchise. It was left out of the original Super Smash Flash due to Flash limitations at the time.


Poké Balls allow the player to call forth a randomly chosen Pokémon. The Pokémon will usually have a direct influence on the battle by attacking opponents, but some only cause status effects, act as reflectors, or do nothing to change the battle.

However, unlike Assist Trophies, the Pokémon is not automatically summoned when the player picks it up. In order for the Pokémon to appear, the player must throw the Poké Ball. This also means that they can be thrown at opponents. The Poké Ball must land in order to release the Pokémon inside it.

List of Pokémon that are released from Poké Balls

These are the Pokémon that are randomly released after opening a Poké Ball. The rarity on whom a Pokémon may appear varies:

Current Pokémon

Pokémon Move Description
Alolan Exeggutor Dragon Hammer Heavily drops itself onto the ground to crush opponents.
Arceus Judgement Produces a large shockwave that causes airborne opponents to plummet downward.
Beedrill Take Down Calls a swarm of Beedrill which comes from one of the sides, striking on any opponent in their way.
Bellossom Sleep Powder Releases a powder that puts opponents to sleep.
Blastoise Hydro Pump Pumps jets of water to push opponents away.
Charizard Flamethrower Breaths a stream of fire from side to side.
Chatot Chatter Flies back and forth releasing sound waves that damage opponents.
Chikorita Razor Leaf Shoots a series of sharping leaves that harm opponents.
Delibird Present Throws Food and occasionally Rocket Bombs.
Ditto Transform Turns into the player who summoned it and attacks the opponent with said player's moves.
Electrode Explosion Produces a violent explosion.
Garchomp Draco Meteor Stuns opponents at his front with a stomp and sends meteors down toward the opponents. The meteors are a powerful spike
Gligar Fury Cutter Targets and attacks a single opponent up to five times in rapid succession. Its pursuit of said opponent ends if it misses once.
Heracross Mega Horn Tussles opponents with its horn which sends them flying.
Hitmonlee Hi Jump Kick Jumps high into the air to deliver a strong kick to the opponents.
Jirachi Fly Floats into the sky doing nothing.
Klink Gear Grind Targets after an opponent and repeatedly damages him/her.
Koffing Smoke Screen Covers a portion of the stage with smoke.
Magikarp Splash Hops on the ground doing nothing.
Meowth Pay Day Leaps into the air and hurls multiple coins in all directions.
Metagross Earthquake Slams the ground to bury opponents.
Pichu Thunder Wave Creates an electric field, electrocuting anyone in its radius.
Tackle All lunge forward to attack opponents with different states each. The higher the evolutionary line, the rarer the chances Pokémon will appear.
Seedot Bullet Seed Fires a series of seeds like a gattling gun.
Shroomish Poison Powder Emits a poisoning powder whenever an opponent gets very close to it.
Snivy Leaf Tornado Releases a swirl of leaves around to damage any opponent in its radius.
Snorlax Body Slam Leaps into the air and fall into the stage, now gigantic, damaging all nearby opponents.
Staryu Swift Targets after an opponent and, after locating him/her, starts shooting fast star-projectiles at him/her.
Tepig Heat Crash Envelopes on fire and dashes forward, setting ablaze any opponent on its path.
Venusaur Earthquake Shakes the ground, causing debris to come from it and hit opponents.
Victini V-create Flies around, chasing after the opponents, setting them ablaze.
Weezing Smog Releases a stream of damaging smog around itself.
Zygarde Land's Wrath Creates green fissures in the ground which emit light that damage anyone on the proximity.

Unconfirmed Pokémon

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Pokémon Move Description
Scizor Metal Claw Moves back and forth once and then falls from the stage.

Removed Pokémon

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Pokémon Move Description
MissingNo. N/A Covers the entire screen with a Windows "Blue Screen of Death", which makes it impossible to see players.


Poké Balls are the most important items in the core Pokémon games and several spin-offs, where they are used by Pokémon Trainers to catch wild Pokémon, store caught Pokémon and conveniently carry them around. Several different types of Poké Balls exists, which mostly increase the likelihood of catching a wild Pokémon in specific conditions. During battles, Pokémon are sent out by trainers by throwing the Poké Ball into the battlefield, which releases the chosen Pokémon with a burst of light.



Early designs




  • Gligar initially ported its original purple coloration it had from Generation II to Generation IV when it was first implemented into the game. This has been changed to its current pink coloration. Contrary to popular belief, Gligar never used its shiny coloration at any moment.
Togepi cameo in SSF2 movie

Togepi appearing in the SSF2 demo v0.9 intro.

  • Alongside Onix, Yanma, Unown, Plusle and Minun, Flygon, Vespiquen, Marill, Slugma and Chansey, Togepi can be found within the game's files, this could be, however, the leftovers of its cameo in the intro for v0.9. Whether it will appear in the game itself is unconfirmed, as is the same with all of the other aforentioned Pokémon.
  • Due to complications with some bugs, the Poké Balls, Assist Trophies, Bumpers, and Explosive Tags were disabled on demo v0.9b and were added back in patch
  • Out of all the Pokémon that can be released from a Poké Ball, only Charizard and Pichu are playable characters in the official Super Smash Bros. games.

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