Plasma Wire
Plasma Wire Beta
Metroid symbol
Zero Suit Samus using Plasma Wire.
Universe Metroid
User(s) SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head
Effect Zero Suit Samus thrusts her Plasma Whip upward, meteor smashing opponents and tethering to ledges the tip makes contact with.

Plasma Wire (プラズマワイヤー) is Zero Suit Samus's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Zero Suit Samus thrusts her Plasma Whip a long distance directly above her. The move can hit up to three times, with the first two hits at the body of the whip dealing 4% electric damage each and weak upward knockback. This leads to the final hit at the round tip of the whip, which will meteor smash opponents with 3-4% damage and strong knockback. In the air, it can be used a tether recovery, grappling automatically to any ledge above her and providing a good vertical recovery with its long reach.

The move is good for poking through platforms and catching opponents in the air. It can lead to a follow up after the meteor smash albeit somewhat unreliably, since with good reaction it can be avoided and even punished.

Plasma Wire jump

Up B 2

Comparison of Plasma Wire jump and regular jump.

If the move is performed during her jump and midair jump, Zero Suit Samus will gain significant height, with less height given as she decelerates.

This technique is vital for both her maneuvering and recovery, being able to recover from very close to the blast zone of many stages. It can also help mix up her otherwise linear recovery, letting her choose to either go high or low when approaching the stage.



Early design

Zero Suit Samus's special moves
Standard special move Paralyzer
Side special move Plasma Whip
Up special move Plasma Wire
Down special move Flip Jump
Final Smash Crystal Flash
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