Plasma Whip
Plasma Whip Beta
Metroid symbol
Zero Suit Samus using Plasma Whip.
Universe Metroid
User(s) SSF2 Zero Suit Samus head
Effect Zero Suit Samus thrusts her Plasma Whip forward, launching opponents and tethering to ledges the tip makes contact with.

Plasma Whip (プラズマウィップ) is Zero Suit Samus's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Zero Suit Samus thrusts her Plasma Whip a decent distance forward. The large round tip of the whip has a strong sweet spot that deals 10% damage and strong knockback to opponents hit, while the body of the whip deals only 3% electric damage but has knockback that can push opponents to the sweet spot of the attack. If the special input is tapped to perform the attack, the sweet spot will launch opponents away with good KO power. However, if the special input if held instead, the sweet spot of the move will not launch her opponents with great knockback but will instead drag them closer to her with flame damage, which can lead to potential follow ups and can act as a combo starter. In the air it can also be used as a tether recovery to reach a ledge, providing a good horizontal recovery with its long reach.

With its good range and relatively fast speed, this move is one of Zero Suit Samus' best tools, which can aid in both spacing and approaching. It can cancel out certain Super Armor moves like Black Mage's dash attack.



Early design

Zero Suit Samus's special moves
Standard special move Paralyzer
Side special move Plasma Whip
Up special move Plasma Wire
Down special move Flip Jump
Final Smash Crystal Flash
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