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Pick Up
SSF2 Chibi-Robo - Pick Up.png
Chibi-Robo! symbol.svg
Chibi-Robo using Pick Up.
Universe Chibi-Robo!
User(s) Chibi-Robo (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Chibi-Robo reaches his arm out to catch a projectile to store inside him, which he can then use for himself.

Pick Up is Chibi-Robo's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Chibi-Robo leans forward and holds out his hand for a brief moment, shaking it up and down and trying to grab something with it. During this time, he can catch up to one projectile at a time with an active hitbox that makes contact with him and then store it away inside his head for later use. When using the move again, Chibi-Robo will pull the projectile out and throw it forward at a slight angle upward.

While in the process of storing the projectile, Chibi-Robo has invincibility frames almost until the move is complete. The projectile itself will be kept in Chibi-Robo's storage even throughout stocks, and when Chibi-Robo has a projectile stored, Telly Vision will cheer until it is fired off.


Chibi-Robo picking up and storing trash in Chibi-Robo!

Throughout the Chibi-Robo! series, starting with its debut title, one of the trademark abilities of Chibi-Robo is his ability to pick up and then store almost any item inside of him, which he does by opening the lid on top of his head and then tossing the item inside the hole, closing the lid as he does so. Chibi-Robo can store a very large quantity of items inside of him at once, even when said items are much bigger or heavier than Chibi-Robo himself, though he does not have infinite capacity. Once inside of him, these items do nothing to weigh him down, and they can be taken out at will whenever Chibi-Robo requires them.

In the original Chibi-Robo!, Chibi-Robo mainly uses this functionality to store his various tools, such as his Chibi-Copter, Toothbrush, and Spoon, which is also translated into SSF2 with his up special move, back aerial, and forward aerial, respectively. Pick Up in particular is based more on his ability to pick up trash to be thrown away later.



Early design


  • The function of this move is strikingly similar to Pocket, Villager's and Isabelle's neutral special move in the official Super Smash Bros. series. Both of these moves involve the user reaching out to grab projectiles and storing them away for later use.
    • Due to the similarities, Pick Up is often erroneously referred to as Pocket by the community and even developers.
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