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Not to be confused with Stun, the effect causing characters to be dazed for a period of time, or Freeze frame, the small freezing period shortly after a character hits someone or gets hurt.

Luigi under the paralysis effect on Hueco Mundo.

Paralysis is a hit effect in Super Smash Flash 2. Targets hit by these attacks will be frozen in place for about two seconds, shaking back and forth, before taking knockback. After paralyzing an opponent, the user of the paralyzing effect can easily start a combo or use a strong move, such as a smash attack, making the effect very useful. Similarly to the burying effect, repeatedly using a paralyzing attack will not increase the duration of the effect.

Elements that cause paralysis


Character Move Notes
Black Mage Stop N/A
Ichigo Gazan Only the first hit can paralyze opponents.
Luffy King Kong Gun
Lucario Feint N/A
Naruto Fūton: Rasenshuriken Only the first hit can paralyze opponents.
Shadow Clone Slash Only the clone projectile left by Naruto can paralyze opponents.
Ryu Focus Attack The move only starts paralyzing opponents after the second stage of the charge.
Zero Suit Samus Down smash N/A


Poké Ball

Poké Ball Pokémon Move Notes
Ditto Transform Can copy playable characters' attacks.