PAC-MAN symbol
PAC-MAN using Pac-Jump.
Universe PAC-MAN
User(s) SSF2 PAC-MAN head
Effect PAC-MAN bounces off of a trampoline that can bounce any character up to twice, with the third leaving them helpless.

Pac-Jump (パックマンジャンプ) is PAC-MAN's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, PAC-MAN turns into his wedge form while summoning a blue trampoline to jump from. It then stays suspended in place as it bounces PAC-MAN straight up, then it can then be used by any character or item two additional times before it breaks, at which point the character breaking it becomes helpless. Each bounce has increasing height and a different trampoline color, changing from blue to yellow and then to red.

When PAC-MAN transforms into his wedge form, he becomes helpless, but he can also use the move as an attack during the first bounce and each consecutive bounce in this form. Each bounce deals about 6% damage, or 8% damage at the very beginning of the move, with relatively weak knockback. PAC-MAN can only deal damage like this when before the climax of each consecutive jump, as attempting to bounce again after landing first will simply bounce him normally. Not even turning "helpless" after Power Pellet can re-initiate the attack.

The trampoline stays on the stage for a while before disappearing, though only one can be out at once. Additionally, the trampoline can bounce the Fruits from PAC-MAN's Bonus Fruit, items, and even his Fire Hydrant, all of which apply the same rules with the trampoline.


Mappy Trampoline

The trampoline as it appears in Mappy.

The trampoline is a reference to a NAMCO arcade game known as Mappy. In this game, there are several trampolines that start out as green. They function almost identically to how they do in SSF2: every time they are bounced on, they change color to blue, then yellow, and then finally red. When bounced on when red, it breaks apart, leaving the protagonist Mappy helpless. The trampoline in SSF2 goes through these colors in the same order, but starts out blue since PAC-MAN immediately bounces on it once it appears.



Early design

PAC-MAN's special moves
Standard special move Bonus Fruit
Side special move Power Pellet
Up special move Pac-Jump
Down special move Fire Hydrant
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