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This article is about the character in general. For general information about the character, see PAC-MAN.
in Super Smash Flash 2
PAC-MAN symbol.svg
PAC-MAN's official artwork.
Universe PAC-MAN
Stock icon SSF2 PAC-MAN stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Tier B+ (14)

PAC-MAN is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2. He was initially revealed as a playable character on May 27, 2016, when videos and files from the game were leaked. He was officially confirmed on a special emergency Dev Blog, along with Pit, on May 29, 2016. His sprites are custom-made and, alongside with his moveset, based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, which consists of references from PAC-MAN, PAC-LAND, and other NAMCO games.

PAC-MAN is ranked 14th in the B+ tier, making him an upper mid tier, ten places higher than he previously was, in 24th place. PAC-MAN's biggest strength is his stage control: he has very good projectiles in his Bonus Fruit and Fire Hydrant, which are very versatile, can create various intricate set-ups and can also KO at high percents. He has KO options in his smash attacks, Bonus Fruit (with the Apple or the Key), back throw, neutral aerial, and Power Pellet (when he eats the Power Pellet). PAC-MAN also has a fantastic recovery: both Pac-Jump and Power Pellet travel a long distance and the latter doesn't leave him helpless. However, some of his KO options (like neutral aerial) are unreliable or hard to land, and his special moves can be used against him, including hitting the hydrant. His grab is also very punishable if he misses. His mobility is only average at best, and his range is rather poor, and because of this, he struggles against fast characters like Captain Falcon or characters with disjoints, like Marth and Sora.


PAC-MAN currently places 14th in B+ tier in the tier list (as of version of Beta), placing him in mid-low tier. PAC-MAN's special attacks are all very diverse and allow for different approaches and strategies. He has a unique projectile game with Bonus Fruit, which randomizes through 8 fruits, each with their own properties, and when combined with the Fruit Catching technique (pressing attack right after throwing the fruit to catch it), it gives PAC-MAN a considerable offensive game. PAC-MAN's Pac-Jump and Fire Hydrant give him many tricks when played with as they both have the ability to move opponents. PAC-MAN also has a chain grab & one of the best ledge traps in the game thanks to the fact he can combine Hydrant & Pac-Jump at any point (i.e. the ledge), making his edgeguarding game fantastic. PAC-MAN also has a fantastic out of shield game thanks to his neutral aerial, Pac-Jump, and his free usage of picked Fruits in Z-drops and throws

However, PAC-MAN has very notable flaws. His only consistent KO options are his raw smash attacks, Apple, Key, Hydrant, back throw, and neutral air. Some of these kill options are unreliable; the Apple only works at 130%~, the Key takes up a sizable time to charge, the Hydrant projectile can be used against him, and his neutral air has to hit at the start of the attack for it to have any KO potential at all. Following this, all of his special attacks can be used against him (Fruits can be intercepted mid-flight & Pac-Jump also may have PAC-MAN to plummet to his death if interrupted). PAC-MAN also has a situational grab despite it being better than Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U due to quicker execution & more active frames (even beyond the beam at times), as it can be tediously slow at a distance, and its very high end lag makes it risky and easily punishable, which also makes his chain grab situational. He has a rather large hurtbox, and combined with how most of his non-special attacks extend slightly from his body, he is easily hit and maneuvered around with attacks.

PAC-MAN also has issues when being counterplayed by opponents who know how he works and his main gimmicks, which makes him rather inconsistent at tournaments. He also seems to struggle against most of the cast due to them being able to stop a lot of his traps from happening, rendering PAC-MAN as a less efficient character. PAC-MAN loses to a lot of faster characters who can rush him down easily & characters with disjoints due to his lack of them, making setups extremely hard.

PAC-MAN has a very small player-base due to how he requires a lot of tech-skill and is overall hard to play as. However, Kyoz has been shown to do very well with PAC-MAN along with causing a huge upset back in Gax Saga including taking out Gax himself (widely considered one of the best SSF2 Beta players as of right now). However, Kyoz has been mainly inactive outside of this. The only other notable PAC-MAN player is Playridise, but it has been pretty debated among certain players whether or not he deserves the title of second best PAC-MAN player due to his lack of consistent results as a PAC-MAN player.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack Does two punches and a backflip kick 3%, 2%, 4%
Down tilt Transforms into his wedge form and chomps at a downward angle. It sends him forward a bit. 8%
Down smash Thrusts both Pinky and Clyde, the pink and orange ghosts respectively, at both sides. 19%
Forward tilt Does a side kick. 8%
Forward smash Thrusts Blinky, the red ghost, forwards. 21%
Up tilt Does an upward headbutt. 7%
Up smash Thrusts Inky, the blue ghost, upwards. 17%
Dash attack Transforms into his wedge form and chomps while moving forward. 3%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Transforms into his wedge form and spins in place. 11%
Forward aerial Does a flying roundhouse kick. 8%
Back aerial Does a dropkick. 12%
Up aerial Does a backflip kick. Originates his flip kick from PAC-MAN WORLD 2. 10%
Down aerial Does a series of stomps. 2%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Fires Boss Galaga's tractor beam from his hand, drawing enemies into his grip. N/A
Pummel Headbutts the opponent. 3-4%
Forward throw Shoves the opponent forward. 6%
Back throw Spins twice and then tosses the opponent backward, similar to Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Goku's back throw. 11%
Up throw Tosses the opponent straight up into the air. Has a set knockback. 5%
Down throw Pins the opponent to the ground and transforms into his wedge form to chomp them three times. He is able to chain grab using this throw. 3%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Low sweep on both sides. 6%
Ledge attack A low sweep. 7%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Bonus Fruit A chargeable projectile that cycles over the fruit from the PAC-MAN series and other NAMCO objects for each level of charge, with each object having distinct properties. 5%
Side special move Power Pellet A sideways dash with a controllable trajectory, indicated by a line of PAC-Dots led by a Power Pellet. The PAC-Dots can be controlled by the up and down buttons, and PAC-MAN transforms into his wedge form in order to chomp up to five Pac-Dots before eating the Power Pellet. During the initial dash, he deals little damage and knockback, but this is increased when he eats the Power Pellet, in addition to granting him armor. 2%
Up special move Pac-Jump Transforms into his wedge form and produces a Mappy trampoline to bounce off of. The trampoline can be bounced on three times (blue, yellow, then red which causes free fall) before it disappears. Opponents can be hit by PAC-MAN while he bounces up. 8%
Down special move Fire Hydrant Drops a Fire Hydrant below him that spurts position-dependent water windboxes. When dealt enough damage, it gets sent tumbling as a powerful projectile that travels in the trajectory of the moves that launched it. 10%
Final Smash SUPER PAC-MAN Simultaneously eats a Power Pellet and a Super Pellet, transforming into the noticeably enlarged version of his 2D wedge form from the game of the same name. It is unique in that unlike other mobile Final Smashes, it allows PAC-MAN to wrap around the screen if he moves off-screen, making it very effective at edgeguarding. 16%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Starts out as the classic PAC-MAN sprite and then jumps out of it into his "3D" form.
Taunts Standard Lays down while Blinky, Pinky, and music notes hover over him while a musical tune plays.
Side Transforms into his wedge form and moves back and forth in placewhile the main sound effect from PAC-MAN plays.
Down/Up Performs the "NAMCO Roulette", which summons classic NAMCO items, characters and enemies, similarly to Bonus Fruit. It is the only taunt in the game with variable effects.
Idle poses Scratches his head.
Victory theme A remix of the starting theme from the original PAC-MAN.
Victory pose Moves left and right in his classic wedge form then turns into his modern appearance and does the thumbs up and wink pose.

In competitive play

Notable players

  • Kyoz
  • Playridise
  • Unkown7

Tier placement history

PAC-MAN placed 27th out of 39 characters in the previous SSF2 Beta tier list making him a mid-low Character in the 1.0.2 metagame. However he rose to becoming 24th out of 39 characters in C+ tier making him the 2nd highest placing Mid Tier character.



SSF2 PAC-MAN Costumes.png





  • PAC-MAN, Chibi-Robo, Black Mage, Mega Man, Bomberman, and Sandbag are currently the only true "silent characters" in the game.
  • PAC-MAN's official artwork is taken from his official poster from the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U website.
    • The pose in his official artwork matches the pose in his PAC-MAN WORLD artwork.
  • During several animations, PAC-MAN emits sound effects drawn from classic games such as PAC-MAN, PAC-LAND, Galaxian, Galaga, and Mappy instead of vocalizing.
  • Many of his animations — such as his idle, walk, and jump — are based on PAC-LAND.