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OverClocked ReMix
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OverClocked ReMix logo.
Founded December 11, 1999
Headquarters Virginia, United States
Key people David W. Lloyd
Website Official site
Available in English
Current status Active

OverClocked ReMix, also known as OC ReMix and OCR, is a non-commercial organization and website dedicated to preserving and paying tribute to video game music through transformative arrangements. Founded in 1999 by David W. Lloyd, the website currently hosts over 4,000 video game music arrangements, named "ReMixes", which are created and curated by a large community of musicians, named "contributors". In addition to the individual ReMixes, the website also hosts over 70 albums of arranged video game music and original compositions, as well as information on video game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and forums for discussion.

The OverClocked ReMix community has worked various times with other companies to create commercially licensed arrangement albums and soundtracks, starting in 2008 with the soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It would do the same with games such as Crypt of the NecroDancer and the upcoming Fraymakers.

Association with McLeodGaming

On August 10, 2015, former Super Smash Flash 2 developer James Hadden created a topic on the OverClocked ReMix website to recruit potential music artists to create arrangements for the game, particularly the upcoming Beta version. Three contributors, including Garrett Williamson, Steven Burns, and Alex Mourey, all applied through this topic and have since contributed music tracks, though only Mourey is still currently a part of the development team.[1]

OverClocked ReMix more formally collaborated with McLeodGaming through its direct involvement in Fraymakers. The game was revealed through Kickstarter on November 18, 2020, with one of the initial stretch goals being an alternate soundtrack consisting of electronic covers by various OverClocked ReMix contributors. The amount required to reach this goal was later revealed to be $100,000, and it was reached on November 22, 2020. Like with Super Soul Bros. and Jules Conroy, it is planned that they will arrange one cover for every stage and a remix of the game's main theme. The first of their songs to be revealed was Lawnmower Attack on October 9, 2021.

List of contributors for Fraymakers

Several different OverClocked ReMix contributors are involved with the arrangement of the Fraymakers soundtrack, with Michael Flexstyle Birch being the project director.[2] Below is a list of each contributor and the particular arrangements they helped create.

  • AshZoneLawnmower Attack
  • Ben Briggs — Impetus
  • BolideImpetus
  • James Landino — Lawnmower Attack
  • Michael Flexstyle Birch — Mochi Yasan
  • Phonetic HeroWhere the Pain Grows
  • PrototypeRaptorOceanic Breeze