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One-hit KO

The most notable one-hit KO: a smash attack with the Home-Run Bat.

A one-hit KO (abbreviated OHKO), also known as hit KO or hit kill is an attack property in Super Smash Flash 2 which, as the name suggests, can KO opponents in one hit even if their damage is 0%. As such, they are very powerful moves and most have to be charged. Self-destructs do not count as OHKOs. In order to acknowledge the attack was a OHKO, it has to share the following restrictions:

In Super Smash Flash, there are no OHKO attacks, as hitboxes have a constant, per-frame damage output rather than a single set value. However, instant-KO attacks are commonly erroneously referred to as OHKOs regardless.

List one-hit KOs

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Character Move Notes
Black Mage Random Encounter N/A
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon N/A
Ichigo GazanOnly of it reaches its maximum capacity.
Kuroi GetsugaOnly if it gets fully charged.
Link Triforce Slash N/A
Marth Critical Hit N/A
Wario Ledge Attack Only as Wario-Man.


Item Notes
Home-Run Bat Only with a connected smash attack.
Cherish Ball Present only in event #36: Gotta Cherish Them All.


Stage Notes
Bowser's Castle Getting hit by the Thwomp as it falls.
World Tournament Stepping directly on the grass.
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