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Oil Panic
Oil Panic.png
Game & Watch symbol.svg
Mr. Game & Watch holding his bucket out.
Universe Game & Watch
User(s) Mr. Game & Watch (Super Smash Flash 2)
Effect Mr. Game & Watch absorbs up to three projectiles with a bucket to throw a powerful oil projectile at opponents.

Oil Panic (オイルパニック), also known as Bucket, is Mr. Game & Watch's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When first performed, Mr. Game & Watch pulls out and holds out a bucket while jerk-leaning forward for a brief amount of time in front of him, which can be held out for as long as the button is held down. The bucket can absorb any energy-based projectile that it makes contact with, meaning it cannot absorb from Mr. Game & Watch's backside. The bucket can store up to three projectiles at once, which can be kept throughout stocks.

When the bucket is full, using the move will empty the bucket and release them as oil, in the form of a powerful projectile that deals large amounts of damage and knockback, both of which are dependent on the damage that the projectiles would have inflicted.


An Oil Panic unit from the Game & Watch line.

Oil Panic is a Game & Watch game that takes place at a gasoline station, where the player would attempt to catch drops of oil from a leaking pipe on the ceiling. The bucket becomes full at three drops. Once the bucket was full, the player cannot catch anymore oil in the bucket until it is emptied, which can be done by pouring the oil out the window to be caught by the assistant waiting below. The man walks back and forth to each side of the building, and if he was not below the controlled character when the oil is poured, the player would miss, causing the oil to splash over a customer waiting below. Much like with most Game & Watch games, the game will end if three misses are obtained.



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Down special move Oil Panic
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