Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course.png
Yeah standing at the start of the level.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Sky
Level number 41
Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course is the forty-first level of Yeah Jam Fury. To access it, the player must clear every level from Find Your Footing to Jacob Can't Make Ladders.


This level consists of several collections of Lead Blocks and Yellow Blocks designed to challenge the player to utilize the traits abilities of each alter ego. First, the player must use Yeah to jump over two sets of Lead Blocks that can be crossed only by him. They then proceed to three Lead Blocks, each with a Yellow Block over it, where they must use Fury to destroy the Yellow Blocks and hop across each Lead Block. They then must use Yeah to place these Yellow Blocks to reach the top of another platform, where they must move left to find two Yellow Blocks in the floor they must fall through with Fury. The mango is high up in the next and final section, and to obtain it, they must either place enough blocks to reach it with Yeah or use Jam to boost off of the wall on the right.


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