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Nintendo All-Stars
Description Prove your worth against flagship Nintendo characters!
Character Any (3 stocks)
Opponent(s) Link (2 stocks)
Pikachu (2 stocks)
Mario (2 stocks)
Stage(s) Final Destination
Nintendo All-Stars

Nintendo All-Stars was the event #10 of Super Smash Flash 2 in v0.9 of the SSF2 Demo before it got replaced with the All-Star Battle events in Beta.


The battle pitted the player as any character against a team of Link, Pikachu, and Mario (Kirby in prior revisions) on Final Destination. This event was mainly difficult merely because of the fact that the player was squaring off against Link, Pikachu, and Mario all in one team, each of whom were highly aggressive CPUs with 2 stocks each.


  • Previously, the player was forced to use Mario and the opponents were Kirby, Link, and Pikachu, but this had changed to allow the player to choose any character.
  • This event is, so far, the only one to be completely removed from the game.
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