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Nikandreos's artwork for Apotheon.
First appearance Apotheon (2015)
MG appearance(s) Fraymakers
Species Human (formerly)
God (currently)
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Company Alientrap

Nikandreos is the main protagonist of the action platforming game Apotheon. He appears as an Assist character in Fraymakers.

Character description

Nikandreos is a young warrior from the Village of Dion in ancient Greece. His parents died when he was born and he was taken in by other soldiers as a child. After his village is destroyed when the Gods of Greece abandon mankind, he takes up arms to save humanity by ascending Mount Olympus and hunting down the Gods in order to strip them of their power. He is guided by the Goddess Hera to gain the powers of each God he encounters, slaying them and their armies when necessary. Throughout his journey, Nikandreos finds himself fed up with the rule of the Gods over humanity, leading him to use the combined powers of the Gods within him to become a towering God himself.

As a warrior, Nikandreos fights both with his fists and with a variety of weapons, such as xiphos, battle axes, clubs, spears, bows, and knives. He also gains new abilities and weapons from the Gods and armies he defeats throughout his journey.

In Fraymakers

Nikandreos's cut-in.

Nikandreos as he appears in Fraymakers.

Nikandreos is one of the Assist characters in Fraymakers, and he will be among the twenty Assists available at the launch of its Early Access release. He is depicted with no armor and wields a xiphos and a Hoplon Shield. When called upon, he appears in front of the player and delivers a short-ranged stab forward and then an uppercut with the xiphos. The stab is quick to occur and the uppercut knocks opponents upward, making the attack useful for starting or extending combos.