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Mario's neutral attack: Fireball.

A neutral attack, called normal attack in the How to Play section, is an attack in Super Smash Flash that is performed by pressing the attack button without inputting any movement key. The neutral attack can be seen as the equivalent to the neutral special move found in the official Super Smash Bros. games but in turn may also be similar to the actual neutral attacks as well. It mostly includes projectile-based attacks, like Luigi's Fireball.

Trying to hold down the neutral attack input will, most of the time, cause the character to reuse their normal attack. However, on characters whose attack cooldown time is lower than their default attack length, such as Captain Falcon and Mr. Incredible, trying to hold down the input will instead result in the character temporarily playing their falling animation.

List of neutral attacks

The following is a list of all the neutral attacks in SSF per character, with a brief description, the amount of damage per frame dealt, and a explanation related to whether or not the attack contains a projectile. Every character will use their attack boost stat as their default speed during this move.

Neutral attacks in Super Smash Flash
Character P Description Damage
Blade No Delivers a quick horizontal slash. 4%
Blue No Delivers a quick horizontal slash. 5%
Captain Falcon Yes Performs his signature Falcon Punch, where he clenches his fist back yelling "Falcon..." as he charges it, then unleashes it in a powerful falcon-shaped flame punch yelling "Punch!". 3%
Cloud No Performs a strong single hit with his Buster Sword. 6%
Crono No Deals a combo of three consecutive slashes. 4%
Fox Yes Fires a single shot from his Blaster. 1%
InuYasha No Delivers a straight, horizontal slash with Tessaiga. 7%
Jigglypuff No Uses Pound, punching forward. 5%
Kirby No Switches places with Meta Knight, flying off on the Warp Star. N/A
Knuckles No Throws a straight jab. 4%
Link Yes Takes out his Bow and fires a single arrow in a straight line. 3%
Lloyd No Slashes multiple times with Sword Rain.
Luigi Yes Shoots a straight Fireball. 4%
Mario Yes Shoots a straight Fireball.
Mega Man X Yes Shoots with his fully-charged X-Buster. 2%
Meta Knight No Switches places with Kirby, flying off with his wings. N/A
Mewtwo Yes Launches a small purple projectiles from its palm. 5%
Mr. Game & Watch Yes Pulls out a pesticide pump and expels a single puff of insecticide. 3%
Mr. Incredible No Delivers an uppercut. 5%
Naruto No Delivers a kick, emitting a damaging shockwave from his foot that extends at an upward angle. 4%
Pikachu No Produces a bolt of electricity from its cheeks in front of it. 6%
Samus Yes Fires with her arm cannon a fast-travelling Charge Shot. 4%
Shadow No Creates a growing field of chaos energy with Chaos Guard. 3%
Sheik Yes Throws a set of four fast-travelling needles with Needle Storm. 2%
Sonic No Throws a straight jab. 5%
Super Sonic No Throws a straight jab. 6%
Tails Yes Fires a single forward ball with his Energy Ball. 3%
Young Link Yes Takes out his Bow and fires a single arrow lit of fire in a straight line.
Zelda No Raises her arms covered in a blue magic and then thrusts them forward with a damaging shine coming from her palms. 5%
Zero Yes Shoots with his semi-charged Zero Buster. 6%