Jam using his wall jump ability to reach the Mango.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Theme Training
Level number 2
Note(s) Second level of the game, teaches how to use Jam.

Navigate is the second level of Yeah Jam Fury, and also the second tutorial level. Like all the tutorial levels, it is not necessary to clear this level and it can be completely skipped to start at the fifth level, Find Your Footing.


This second level teaches the player how to use Jam's techniques of hammer boosting and wall jumping. The player has to pass a large gap that can be cleared by boosting forward with the hammer (though it can also be cleared by wall jumping on the right side) and two walls of Yellow Blocks that the player must wall jump between to the top, where they will find the mango on the right one. It should be noted that the player is strictly forced to use Jam throughout all the rest of the level and cannot swap for Yeah or Fury.



  • Despite the large amount of Yellow Blocks in this level, the player cannot acquire any of them, as the player cannot switch to Fury to break them.
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