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Names in Super Smash Flash 2.

Name is a feature in the Super Smash Flash series in which a short string of characters can be entered and set as a name for the player, which works differently according to the game.

In Super Smash Flash

The name entry screen after starting a new game in SSF.

Whenever a new game is started in Super Smash Flash, the first thing required upon entering the game is to set a username for the save file. The player can only select one username per game, and it can only be changed on the name entry section in the options menu.

The name entry screen in the options menu in SSF.

Said username will only be reflected on a welcoming message every time the player opens the main menu, but other than that, there is no purpose for it, as it will not record data for the player specifically under that name and only one can be created. Also, the name cannot be used a tag that floats over a character, unlike how names actually work in Super Smash Bros. Melee and subsequent games in the Super Smash Bros. series.

In Super Smash Flash 2

The name tags in SSF2.

Entering player's name.

Giving a username is no longer required to start a new game in Super Smash Flash 2. Names now work more accordingly to the Super Smash Bros. games. Players can create a small tag of up to ten characters and use it in battle, where it will replace the player number display and will float above the character's head. To create a name, the player has to click on a small arrow below the character's art on the character selection screen, which will pop out a small keypad to write down a name. Each of the four human players that can be in a match at the time can create a name and use it in battle. Creating a name is still very limited in SSF2; for instance, names cannot be saved and will be gone once the SSF2 window gets closed. Because of this, there is no name entry option. Players can only create one name at the time, and if they want to use a different one, they will have to overwrite the previous name. As there are no records yet, names cannot be used to save them. During online gameplay, players will always display their McLeodGaming Network ID above them, regardless if they wrote it down or not.