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SSF2 Bankai Ichigo - Multislash.png
Bleach symbol.svg
Bankai Ichigo using Multislash.
Universe Bleach
User(s) Bankai Ichigo
Effect Bankai Ichigo performs a series of quick slashes with a black aura around him.

Multislash was Bankai Ichigo's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Bankai Ichigo uses his blade to perform a barrage of quick slashes all around his body with black aura surrounding him. While doing so, Bankai Ichigo's vertical and horizontal attack range is almost the same. He performs a total of six slashes, with the final slash being the strongest and sending opponents upward. The first five slashes deal 3% damage and little knockback to opponents hit and the final one deal 6% damage and strong knockback, for a total of 21% damage if every hit connects.

Despite having virtually no startup lag, the move has high knockback and ending lag, making it a poor combo starter and an easy move to punish. Additionally, when used in the air, Bankai Ichigo descends more slowly but also loses all momentum.


Bankai Ichigo using Multislash in the manga, Bleach.

Multislash is based on a move Ichigo first used in the Bleach franchise during the first time he achieved his Bankai form, in the fight with Byakuya Kuchiki's Bankai form. Late into the fight, Byakuya leads Ichigo into a trap and surrounds him with blades that close in on him, but Ichigo then swings his blade around and within a few seconds cuts through every last one of the blades around him. The black aura surrounding him during the move and the pose he makes at the end are almost identical to how they appear in SSF2.

Bankai Ichigo using Multislash in the anime, Bleach.

Bankai Ichigo also uses the move in Jump Ultimate Stars as his basic grounded strong attack, which the move in SSF2 is based most closely on. Like in Bleach, Bankai Ichigo performs a series of quick slashes around his body while surrounded by a black aura. The attack can hit opponents multiple times, and the player can extend the duration of the move by mashing the strong attack button.




Bankai Ichigo's special moves
Neutral special move Kuroi Getsuga
Side special move Yami Shunpō
Up special move Tenbu Renjin
Down special move Multislash