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Multi-directional input, abbreviated as MDI, is an advanced technique available exclusively for Super Smash Flash 2, as it requires a keyboard. It allows players to do standard attacks and grab opponents whilst running. If this technique is performed while the player is airborne, it can perform a neutral aerial without losing momentum or having to let go of the desired moving direction.

The technique is performed by simultaneously pressing left and right. This is only possible on a keyboard, unless the player uses a controller setup that allows to press Left and Right independent from each other. The controlled character will move in the direction of the input that was made first, and by pressing the attack button, it is possible to use a standard attack. Grabbing is also possible with this. If used in the air, no momentum is lost while performing a neutral aerial, artificially increasing the range that can be covered by the move depending on the air speed of the character. However, the move itself does not undergo any properties change, the only change is the travel speed it can be performed with. An example would be Jigglypuff benefitting from its high air speed, while the effect is less notable for a character like Donkey Kong.

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