This article is about Mr. Incredible's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Mr. Incredible.
Mr. Incredible
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Mr. Incredible
Universe The Incredibles
Stock icon SSF Mr. Incredible head
Availability Unlockable
Unlock criteria Clear Classic with all the starter characters.
Tier C (21)

Mr. Incredible is a playable newcomer unlockable character in Super Smash Flash, as the only character to represent the Disney/Pixar film, The Incredibles. Despite having a red and black costume in most of the movie, Mr. Incredible's clothes are blue and black in-game, like in the opening sequence of the film. His sprites and moveset are taken from The Incredibles video game on Game Boy Advance.

Mr. Incredible is ranked 21st on the tier list. He has "incredible" damage racking ability, capable of dealing over 100% damage in one hit with Earthquake. He is also one of, if not the hardest hitting character in the game, giving him great KO ability without requiring his instant-KO attacks.

However, due to his muscular frame, Mr. Incredible has a very large hurtbox, which makes him more vulnerable to enemy attacks. He also has poor range, making it hard for him to land finishers. He has a mediocre air speed and jump height, which also likewise gives him a below average recovery.


Attack Description Damage Image
Standard attack Mr. Incredible delivers an uppercut. It has an ample range, as it is able to hit opponents behind him. Holding down the button causes Mr. Incredible to enter a somewhat long harmless falling animation frame after each uppercut. The uppercut has a quite long time-out that allows him to deliver a late hit on opponents. 5% SSF Mr. Incredible standard attack
Side attack Mr. Incredible throws a straight super punch producing a shockwave that is also able to hit opponents behind him. Holding down the attack button causes Mr. Incredible to deliver a second, more powerful super uppercut, which has a larger range and a more pronounced blur than his standard attack's uppercut, as well as a long time-out. Unusually, Mr. Incredible cannot skid forward with this move but is still able to manually move forward by holding down a movement input, which will be necessarily required if the player wishes to strike with the super uppercut. 6% SSF Mr. Incredible side attack
Up attack Mr. Incredible uses a super uppercut, similarly to his continued side attack, baring the same attributes from the latter. Holding down the attack button causes Mr. Incredible to perform a quick ground kick that has a rather small hit margin and immediately turns into a harmless frame afterwards, right before Mr. Incredible delivers another super uppercut. 6% SSF Mr. Incredible up attack
Down attack Mr. Incredible performs a small leap into the air to violently smash the ground with his powerful arms, producing a big damaging shockwave that expands to the sides. Mr. Incredible is able to hit opponents at the moment he leaps, before he smashes the ground. Without carrying an item, this is one of the few attacks in the game that cannot be held indefinitely, as attempting to do so will cause Mr. Incredible to use his standard attack instead. 10% SSF Mr. Incredible down attack
Down aerial Mr. Incredible deals an aerial ground kick. This attack is able to meteor smash opponents if timed correctly. 6% SSF Mr. Incredible down aerial


  • Though Mr. Incredible is more recognizable with his traditional red suit he uses the most throughout all of his appearances, including the film itself and other promotional media, Gregory Cleod9 McLeod opted to use his early blue suit from the beginning of the film. The reason for this change is unknown, as sprites of Mr. Incredible wearing his red suit appear in the same game as his blue suit does.
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