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Sora's aerials in v0.7, a clear visual example.

Momentum stalling, also referred to as momentum halting, is a property in Super Smash Flash 2 where an aerial attack or a special move slow down a character's momentum or falling speed partially or entirely.

The vertical momentum stall, unlike the horizontal one, has a name in the game's files: air ease. It is also referred to as hit ease when applied after a move hits an opponent, though.

This property was much more prevalent in older versions of the Super Smash Flash 2 Demo, but was steadily phased out of the game, and rendered almost completely absent by v0.8a.


Momentum canceling

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Momentum canceling, also known as momentum cancelling, is a technique in the Super Smash Flash series where a player uses a momentum halting move to cancel the momentum of an attack's knockback, usually horizontally. When combined with Directional Influence, momentum cancelling can allow characters to survive at abnormally high percentages. It should be noted that all characters can cancel their momentum by midair jumping. Due to the absence of hitstun cancelling — like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, momentum canceling is not as useful in SSF2 as it is in Brawl.

Momentum canceling is present in Super Smash Flash. Any attack will help decrease the amount of knockback the player has taken. It is somehow more useful in SSF than in SSF2 due to hitstun lasting for a shorter time and the fact that players are able to jump cancel all attacks. Using an attack in SSF will instantly set the user's speed to the character's attack boost stat.

List of momentum stalling moves

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Character Move(s) H V B Notes
Mario Cape Yes Yes No Mario Tornado only boosts Mario if the player decides to mash the special move button.
Super Jump Punch Yes Yes Yes
Mario Tornado Yes Yes Yes
Luigi Green Missile No Yes Yes Luigi Cyclone only boosts Luigi if the player presses the special move button. Vertical momentum will only stall at the end of the move.
Super Jump Punch Yes Yes Yes
Luigi Cyclone No Yes Yes
Chibi-Robo Toothbrush Yes Yes Yes N/A
Sonic Down aerial Yes Yes Yes N/A
Homing Attack Yes Yes Yes
Light Dash Yes Yes Yes
Spring Jump Yes Yes Yes
Spin Dash Yes No Yes
Black Mage Haste Yes Yes Yes Haste only moves Black Mage if it hits an opponent.
Warp Yes Yes Yes Warp will not move Black Mage if the grounded version of the move is angled straightly downwards.
Meteor No Yes No
Jigglypuff Sing Yes No No N/A
Rest Yes No No
Luffy Gum-Gum Pistol Yes Yes Yes Gum-Gum Pistol, Rocket and Snap only stall Luffy's momentum or boost him if they hit.
Gum-Gum Rocket Yes Yes Yes
Gum-Gum Snap Yes Yes Yes
Gum-Gum Balloon Yes Yes Yes Will not boost Luffy upwards on the ground.