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Momentum canceling is a technique in Super Smash Flash 2 where you use a move or an attack to cancel the momentum of an attack's knockback. When combined with Directional influence (DI), momentum canceling can allow characters to survive at high percentages. However, due to their being no hitstun canceling like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, momentum canceling is not as abusable here as it is in Brawl.

Momentum canceling is present in Super Smash Flash. Any attack will help decrease the amount of knockback you have taken. It appears to be more useful in SSF than it is in SSF2 due to the high knockback attacks and be able to act out of hitstun. All attacks besides standard attacks will half your momentum.

List of momentum canceling moves

The following is an incomplete list of horizontal momentum canceling moves in the game. It should be noted, that all characters can cancel their momentum with a midair jumping.

Character Move(s)
Black Mage Stop
Bomberman Bomb
Captain Falcon Falcon Kick
Chibi-Robo Toothbrush
Donkey Kong Giant Punch
Spinning Kong
Goku Down aerial
Wario Shoulder Bash
Yoshi Egg Roll