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Meteor smash

Mario meteor smashing Bowser with his forward aerial.

A meteor smash is an attack in in the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Smash Flash series that possesses a very low knockback angle, hitting the opponent almost straight down on contact. In most cases, it can be meteor cancelled by jumping or by using a recovery move. If it cannot be cancelled, then it is a spike, which sends the opponent downwards until the hitstun wears off.

In Super Smash Flash

According to the How to Play tutorial, meteor smashes are present in Super Smash Flash. This, however, is something really difficult to perform as the physics are very different to the official Super Smash Bros. games and some are not a certainty. More often than not, the player initiating the move would risk getting KO'd themselves. However, with good timing, some of the down aerials, such as Lloyd's Rising Falcon or Fox's Fire Fox, are guaranteed to KO most opponents at very low percentages.

In Super Smash Flash 2

The physics of Super Smash Flash 2 are changed to make them similar to the Super Smash Bros. games. Meteor smashes are easy to perform on this game but still require good timing to be performed correctly. The information on the section below is subject to change.

List of meteor smashes by character

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Character Move Notes
Bandana Dee Down aerial N/A
Parasol Dive
Black Mage Down aerial N/A
Captain Falcon Down aerial If the opponent touches his chest, they will be spiked instead.
Raptor Boost Raptor Boost must be used in the air to meteor smash.
Chibi-Robo Down aerial N/A
Donkey Kong Forward aerial Forward aerial only meteor smashes if sweetspotted.
Down aerial
Falco Down aerial Down aerial only meteor smashes if sweetspotted.
Falco Phantasm
Down throw
Fox Down aerial N/A
Down throw
Goku Forward aerial Goku's version only meteor smashes at its end.
Super Saiyan Goku's down aerial
Super Saiyan Goku's Instant Transmission Only the last hit meteors.
Ichigo Down smash Ichigo's down smash only meteors on the first hit.
Down aerial
Isaac Down aerial N/A
Kirby Down aerial Final Cutter only meteors on the second hit.
Final Cutter
Krystal Down aerial Staff Rocket Boost only meteors at the startup hit.
Staff Rocket Boost
Link Down tilt N/A
Luffy Forward aerial The late hit of the down aerial cannot meteor smashes.
Down aerial
Gum-Gum Snap
Luigi Down aerial Down aerial only meteor smashes if sweetspotted.
Down taunt
Mario Forward aerial Only meteor smashes when sweetspotted.
Marth Down aerial Only the tipper can meteor smash.
Dancing Blade The up and down variations of the third slash can meteor smash.
Mega Man Down aerial Must be sweetspotted in order to meteor smash.
Mr. Game & Watch Down aerial N/A
Down throw
Naruto Forward aerial N/A
Down tilt
Down throw
Ness Down aerial Late hit does not meteor smash.
Peach Down tilt N/A
Pichu Down aerial N/A
Pit Down aerial Can meteor smash at the bottom of the hitbox.
Ryu Down aerial Meteor smashes if Ryu's fist connects with opponents.
Samus Down aerial N/A
Sandbag Down aerial Down smash only meteors on the first hit.
Down smash
Simon Down aerial Only meteor smashes if sweetpotted.
Sonic Forward aerial Both moves must be sweetspotted in order to meteor.
Down aerial
Sora Flowmotion The down variation can meteor smash.
Tails Down aerial N/A
Waluigi Down aerial Up aerial meteor smashes on second hit.
Up aerial
Yoshi Forward aerial N/A
Down aerial
Zelda Down aerial Will only meteor when sweetspotted.
Zero Suit Samus Down aerial Plasma Wire only meteors on the third hit.
Plasma Wire
Flip Jump Only meteor smashes in the clean hit.



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