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Meta Knight
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Meta Knight
Kirby symbol
Meta Knight's official pixel art.
Universe Kirby
Stock icon SSF2 Meta Knight head
Availability Starter
Weight class Light
Final Smash Galaxia Darkness
Tier A (6)

Meta Knight is a veteran starter character in Super Smash Flash 2 and is now a completely independent character, not tied with Kirby as he was in the first game. Meta Knight also comes with a completely new moveset that is similar to his Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U moveset. His sprites are custom-made and based on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and his voice clips are taken directly from the same game.

Meta Knight currently ranks 6th in A tier on the tier list (the highest ranked Kirby character), a moderate jump from 10th place in the previous tier list. Meta Knight has a good air and ground game, amazing recovery options, great range on almost every attack due to having a disjointed hitbox, fast attack speed, very strong combo ability, and kill moves in his forward smash and down smash, Dimensional Cape, and the initial hitboxes of neutral aerial and Shuttle Loop. His fast dashing speed results in a ridiculous dash dance, leading to some very strong mind games. Meta Knight has five midair jumps and can use all of his specials to recover, thus giving him one of the best (if not the best) recoveries in the current demo. He is also one of the best edgeguarders, as he is amazing at gimping his opponents or straight-up comboing them into the side boundaries without giving them even a slight chance of recovery.

However, Meta Knight has some flaws, such as his light weight and below average accelerated falling speed, which makes him easy to KO vertically and horizontally. He has problems dealing with characters who can out range him such as Marth and Ichigo, as he is reduced to camping them out with his forward aerial and back aerial. He lacks a projectile and a way to deal with high-priority, giving him problems approaching. Also MK has problems KO'ing opponents at high percentages due to having limited kill set ups and only a few reliable kill moves.

Even with the nerfs he received from last demo, Meta Knight is still a highly efficient character, though he has a small player base and poor representation in online tournaments.


MG icon See also: Meta Knight (Super Smash Flash 2)/Hard data

Meta Knight has good range in the majority of his attacks while also possessing great frame data. Some of his attacks have strong priority in them. He has great dashing speed, the seventh fastest dasher, but he posses poor walking and air speed. He has a solid ground game with his fast tilts, smashes and grabs. He has reliable kill moves in his down smash (second hit), forward smash, sweet spotted neutral aerial, Dimensional Cape, and Shuttle Loop (initial hitbox).

Meta Knight has great recovery options due to him having five midair jumps and all of his specials can be used as recovery moves. Meta Knight has a good air game, despite his poor air speed, possessing fast, long reaching and damage racking aerials that are great for comboing along with edge guarding.

He has an above average grab & throw game, possessing the sixth longest and fastest grab in the current demo. His forward throw can set up good combos and can chain grab, if the Meta Knight reacts fast enough. His down throw is his best throw for starting combos. His up throw does not kill until over 150%, but can help if is not able to kill with his more reliable options. Back throw is good for setting up edge guards.

Due to his small size, he is less vulnerable to shield poking then other characters.

However, Meta Knight is a light weight and has below average accelerated falling speed which makes him easy to KO vertically and horizontally.

He lacks a projectile while at the same time having trouble dealing with ones that are high in priority or that are transcendent which gives him problems approaching. Meta Knight, despite himself possessing disjointed range, has trouble dealing with characters who out range him. He also has problems dealing with characters who posses attacks that are high in priority.

Meta Knight also does not have any true set ups into his kill moves, outside of neutral air, which gives him trouble killing outside of edge guarding.


Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack An extremely fast series of slashes followed by a back-flipping slash. This makes it one of Meta Knight's more reliable damage racking options, but it is punishable if missed. 8%
Forward tilt Strikes opponent with two quick swings, followed by a rising slash. Good for starting combos, with the second part of forward tilt bring his opponents toward him. 4%
Up tilt Jumps and stabs above him. Has good vertical reach with decent knockback. Can be used out of a slide to grab a ledge, making it great for ledge hogging. 7%
Down tilt Does a low stab. Good for poking and starting a few combos. 4%
Dash attack Dashes and does a slide kick. Can start a few combos. 7%
Forward smash Slashes his opponent with great strength. Has good vertical range, fast speed, and good priority, even out-prioritizing a Rasenshuriken. 14%
Up smash Performs 3 consecutive powerful slashes above him. Is his weakest smash attack, but good for starting and extending combos. 3%
Down smash Slashes with great strength in front of, then behind him. 12%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Spins in a circle with his sword around him. One of his best killing moves when sweet spotted. 12%
Forward aerial Performs 3 consecutive slashes in front of him. Good for approaching, starting and extending combos. 2%
Back aerial Performs 3 consecutive slashes behind him. Appears to have more range and deals more knockback than forward air. 2%
Up aerial Does an upward slash. Good for juggling opponents to the upper blast zone. 6%
Down aerial Does a downward slash. Slow, but deals decent knockback. 10%

Grab and throws

Attack Description Damage
Grab Grabs his opponent. Faster than average. N/A
Pummel Strikes his opponent with his blade. 3%
Forward throw Throws his opponent forward. Can set up tech chases, combos and can chain grab, if the opponent is not paying attention. 5%
Back throw Grabs the opponent, turns around then slashes them. 7%
Up throw Flies high into the air then crashes back down into the ground with opponent. Can kill over 120%. 8%
Down throw Puts opponent beneath him and kicks them repeatedly for approximately 11% in total. Can chain grab, tech chase and start combos, but the player has to be quick about the options. 1%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Slashes horizontally in front of himself, then horizontally again behind himself. 5%
Ledge attack Pulls himself onto the stage and does a quick slash. 8%

Special moves

Attack Name Description Damage
Standard special move Mach Tornado Spins in a tornado, damaging enemies in his path. The attack can hit opponents multiple times. It can also be used to recover by repeatedly pressing the special attack button. 0.5%
Side special move Drill Rush Spins in a chosen direction, damaging anybody in his path. It can also act as a recovery by aiming up. 1%
Up special move Shuttle Loop Quickly slashes upwards, moving in a loop, twice. This is one of Meta Knight's most important combo finishers, as it can KO off the ceiling rather early. 9%
Down special move Dimensional Cape Engulfs himself in his cape. The player can choose the location of his return. Once the player initiate the attack, the player must let go of the special attack button and then hold it. Then, Meta Knight will end the move with a powerful, high endlag attack. 11%
Final Smash Galaxia Darkness Anyone caught by Meta Knight's cape will be surrounded by darkness and struck with a very powerful slash. 40%


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Teleports on to the stage, wrapped in his cape.
Taunts Standard Flaps his wings and says, "Come!".
Side Says "Fight me!", then followed by two swings and pointing his sword out.
Down/Up Wraps his cape around himself, disappearaing, then reappearing again.
Idle poses N/A
Victory theme A victory theme based upon a cover of the flourish that plays whenever Kirby completes a level or obtains a Sparkling Star in Kirby's Dream Land, but performed by electric guitars. Directly taken from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Victory pose Teleports with his cape and poses for the player.
Lose Claps to the winner.

Changes from v0.9b

MG icon Main article: Meta Knight (Super Smash Flash 2)/Changelog

Meta Knight has mainly received nerfs from last demo. However, he still remains an effective character nonetheless.

Ground attacks

  • Nerf Forward tilt doesn't connect as properly and can be escaped easier.
  • Buff Down tilt does vertical knockback now, which can lead to combos.
    • Nerf However, it can no longer be used in quick succession nor jab reset.
  • Buff Up tilt does more knockback.
    • Nerf It can no longer be ledge canceled to grab the ledge, effectively losing his fastest way to ledgehog.
  • Buff Up smash is stronger.
  • Buff Forward smash has less start up.
  • Buff Down smash is stronger.

Aerial attacks

  • Buff Down air is faster.
  • Buff Back air is stronger.

Grab and throws

  • Nerf Back throw hardly sends opponents far away, thus making him lose one of his best tools to start an edge guard.
    • Buff It now sets up for combos and can possibly chain grab.
  • Buff Down throw now sets up for tech chasing.

Special moves

  • Neutral Drill Rush now pushes Meta Knight away after its animation. This improves his safety from being punished but can lead to self destructs if he is too close to the ledge.
  • Nerf Shuttle Loop now travels less horizontal distance due to it no longer being able to glide.
    • Buff However, this gives Meta Knight a vertical finisher and gives him a slightly better vertical recovery.
  • Buff Dimensional Cape now gives Meta Knight invincibility when he teleports into the ground.
  • Buff Mach Tornado has yellow visuals that indicates it has a bigger hitbox.

In competitive play

Match ups

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Tier placement history

On the tier list for demo v0.9a, Meta Knight ranked 4th on the tier list, where he was seen as top tier character. He rose to 1st of S tier on the first tier list of demo v0.9b, still being seen as a top tier character. He kept the position on the second tier list of v0.9b.



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Early designs



  • Like in Brawl, Meta Knight is the only character to have all his specials be used as a recovery method, while also putting him into a helpless state.
  • Meta Knight's first art is a pixel rendition of his artwork in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • As of v0.9b, Meta Knight can no longer glide when initiated from his jumps just like Sora. However, he can still glide when initiated from Shuttle Loop, But this does not allow him to go up.
  • Meta Knight is the second character to be first on a tier list twice. The first one was Sonic.
  • Meta Knight, along with Falco, Captain Falcon, Marth, Isaac, Sonic, Mega Man, and Black Mage are the only characters, so far, who wear their default costumes in Team Battle when they are on the blue team
  • Meta Knight's pixel art is based on one of his taunts in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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