Memory Book Entries

The main menu of the Memory Book.

Memory Book is a feature in Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! consisting of a notebook used by the three main protagonists: Yeah, Jam, and Fury. They use the Memory Book as a journal to log their adventures and communicate with each other, due to being unable to do so normally. As a feature, the player can use it to check the stickers they've unlocked, their gameplay statistics, and an unlockable cutscene.


Memory Book Yeah! Entry

The Yeah! entry of the Memory Book.

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Entries are the passages in the Memory Book that the three alter egos write with each other. Each entry is unlocked by unlocking its corresponding sticker, each of which has a unique image, name, and unlock requirement. With the exception of four secret entries, all of their names and requirements can be previewed in the Memory Book before being unlocked, but to view their images and the entries themselves, the player must unlock the stickers.

There are 50 entries and stickers in total, and each is tied to a corresponding achievement sharing the same name, image, and unlock criteria.


Memory Book Stats

The "Your Stats" menu in the Memory Book.

The stats section of the Memory Book contains various statistics regarding the player's session of the game. It includes the following statistics:

  • Total Stickers: Number of stickers the player has collected.
  • A-Sides Beaten: Number of A-Side levels the player has completed.
  • B-Sides Beaten: Number of B-Side levels the player has completed.
  • Blocks Fired: Number of blocks the player has fired with Yeah.
  • Boosts: Number of boosts the player has made with Jam.
  • Blocks Broken: Number of blocks the player has broken with Fury.
  • Refoots: Number of times the player has refooted after falling.
  • Transitions: Number of times the player has switched between the three alter egos.
  • Stages Made: Number of levels created with the Stage Builder.
  • Blocks Walked On: Number of blocks the player has walked on. Note that blocks can be repeated.
  • Mangos Collected: Number of mangos the player has collected.
  • Game Complete: Percentage of the game the player has completed, including levels and stickers. Completing certain sets of content unlocks images next to the name of this stat.
  • Total Play Time: Amount of time in hours and minutes player has spent playing the game.
  • Favorite Stage: Name of the level the player has completed the most.

This menu also displays the player's Steam profile name at the top, and a small button in the bottom right corner allows the player to erase all game data.

The Drawing

Memory Book Drawing

The "The Drawing" menu in the Memory Book.

After completing the secret final level The Ghost Lingers, the player will be able to view a special final cutscene. They will then be able to view it at any point from the Memory Book.

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