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This article is about Mega Man X's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Mega Man X.
Mega Man X
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Mega Man X.png
Universe Mega Man
Stock icon SSF Mega Man X stock icon.png
Availability Starter
Tier B (17)

Mega Man X, incorrectly referred to as Megaman in-game, is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash of the Mega Man universe, particularly from the Mega Man X sub-series. All of his attacks involve shooting different beams in a similar way to Samus. His appearance is a combination of multiple sprites ripped straight from the first three SNES Mega Man X games.

Mega Man X is ranked 17th on the tier list, two spots higher than in the previous tier list.


Mega Man X possesses a strong projectile game due to the diversity of different shots he possesses, which allows him to deal with characters without having to get close, much like Samus. Also, unlike Samus, Mega Man X does not extend his hitbox when he fires, making his attacks more difficult to punish.

However, Mega Man X's projectiles move slowly and have a slow rate of fire, which makes them fairly telegraphed and thus easy to dodge. Additionally, he has no moves that are dedicated to close range combat, giving him difficulties against fast, rush down-heavy characters.

Hard data

Mega Man X's hard data
Base info
Hitstun taken 8 Number of jumps 2
Attack boost -1 Attack length 12
Attack cooldown 20 Health division 14
Horizontal speed 15
Deceleration 1 Attack start speed 0.3x
Acceleration 1 Turn around speed 20
Short hopping speed 10 Jumping speed 15
Gravity 1 Falling speed 25
Individual attack data
Standard attack damage 2 Side attack damage 4
Down attack damage 6 Instant-KO value 4
Roll attack speed N/A Jump attack damage N/A


Attack Image Description Damage
Standard attack SSF Mega Man X standard attack.png Shoots from his X-Buster a large and slow projectile. 2%
Side attack SSF Mega Man X side attack.png Shoots with his X-Buster a fast green shot with instant-KOing properties. 4%
Down attack SSF Mega Man X down attack.png Shoots a Hadoken, which is a small, fast, and damaging shot. It is too fast to do much damage on its own, but can be down-augmented into other attacks to be much more effective. 6%
Up attack SSF Mega Man X up attack.png Similar to his side attack, Mega Man X shoots with his semi-charged X-Buster at an upward angle. 4%
Down aerial SSF Mega Man X down aerial.png Similar to his side attack, Mega Man X shoots a projectile at an downward angle.


  • Mega Man X is the only character in the game whose all five attacks launch a projectile.
    • Additionally, he is the only character that ricochets back — rather than skidding forwards or staying still — whenever he attacks.
  • The credits reel only mentions Mega Man X2 (equally misspelled as "Megaman X2") as the source of Mega Man X's sprites. This is partially incorrect as most of the source sprites originated from the very first Mega Man X game. Moreover, his idling stance comes from a frame seen only in Mega Man X3.